Yays & Nays (Feb 2016)

Hi everyone,

Here is this month’s review on men’s waterproof jackets and moisturisers as well as the Sensu artist brush and stylus!

Fashion & Beauty

Another Influence waterproof jacket

Price: $35

Fibre content:

100% polyurethane

I became ‘lost’ in the sale sections of ASOS and discovered this waterproof jacket. As it is 100% polyurethane, it is non breathable thus if you plan to do a lot of physical activity in this jacket, you will sweat.

Taken from my Instagram: yu_em_ily

Verdict: Yay for quick dips into rain/ Nay for wearing for long periods of time

St Goliath Upside jacket

Price: $119.95

Fibre content:

Body: 63% cotton, 37% nylon

Lining/Rib: 100% polyester

Purchased this jacket last year in a rush after one stormy rainy school day where it was like a 2-in-1 shower and blow dry service. Rushed into Glue store in the QVB and asked for a ‘waterproof jacket’ and I could care less if it was a men’s style or not so the sales assistant recommended a Stussy women’s green thin parka and this jacket from St Goliath.

Since the green thin parka was too thin (in Winter for school, I wore a blazer over a jumper) and I didn’t want to look like a stuffed dumpling, I decided to purchase the St Goliath jacket. However, careless me did not check the fibre content of the outer layer of the jacket.

Guess what?

The jacket wasn’t waterproof(However, it performs relatively well for breathability)


However, I discovered that it dried relatively quickly apart from the ribbed cuffs.

Verdict: Yay for chilly windy days/Nay for hectic rainstorms

Kit cosmetics Coco fragranced candle

Price: $24.95 (100g)


This was an impulse buy.

It smells like manufactured coconut and vanilla.

I haven’t actually burned it yet though because the warning sticker at the base of the candle reads:

“Always place your candle on a heat resistant surface, away from flammable materials and wind draughts. Burn with lid open” 

  • and I’m not risking burning the 8127651 fabrics in my room any time soon haha so I don’t really know what to do with it right now.

Verdict: –

The Face Shop Rice Ceramide moisture cream

Price: gifted (45ml)

Base of container

Was given this as part of a skincare gift from a friend- Although, I had tried many products from TheFaceShop, I hadn’t tried this out.

There is a slight fragrance: reminds me of Nivea/Dove’s body lotions with a slight more neutral undertone.

Verdict: Eh as it doesn’t stand out from the oversaturated market of moisturisers. 

Vaseline intensive care deep restore moisturiser

Price: $11.95 (750ml)

This moisturiser was recommended by Authentink as the moisturiser to use whilst healing a tattoo as it was nongreasy and absorbed easily into the skin. I like to moisturise after I shower regardless of whether it is Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring but immensely dislike body moisturisers that leave you feeling like you’ve just been glazed and are ready to bake.

Verdict: Yay

Food & places

Piccolo Me maltella

Price: $30

Bird’s eye view


Saw an article circulating on Facebook about this ‘giant ball of fried Nutella icecream’ and after brief consideration, decided to go. Visited Macquarie Uni’s Piccolo Me. Looking back, this was the epitome of a bad/good idea. After attempting to finish the recommended 4-5 person serving between 2 people, we had a temporary traumatic flashback to our Maltella ordeal when we passed a stand of Nutella at Woolworths. First world problems or what.

Verdict: Yay for the first bite/ Nay after 20 mins in


Sensu portable artist brush & stylus

Price: $69.95


I had recently purchased an Ipad and was looking for styluses to draw with and upon reading reviews, was drawn to this Sensu double ended stylus.

Amazon sells this stylus for around $39.99 USD but due to the low AUD at the time of purchase (around 0.69AUD=1USD), I decided to purchase this from Eckersleys. I called up the York Street store to check whether they had it instock as I didn’t want to pay $11 for postage (free postage is the dream) and luckily they had one instock. Ended up placing a reservation and then picked it up later during the week.

The brush tip makes painting/erasing areas a breeze but for finer details, it’s  inconvenient due to the many fine conductive bristles – However,  I am considering to purchase one of the Adonit Jot styluses soon so will update you guys if I do!

Verdict: Yay for large brush strokes/ Nay for finer details (even if you zoom in)

Thanks for reading – advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!


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