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Recently, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t purchase any more clothing or shoes (instores and brick and mortar retail stores) till uni starts (late March for UTS students) because my shoe collection is growing a bit out of control. So after much pondering, I decided to make another purchase – on the condition that the $10 loyalty discount worked on top of the additional 30% off sale items sale (basically me trying to justify another online purchase.)

Ended up purchasing a pair of Adidas sneakers, a Stussy beanie and a Flexifit cap from Gluestore online today. I feel like my style is kind of hovering around soft grunge x comfortable streetwear lately.

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Below, I’ll be reviewing online stores I have purchased more than once from.




This is my second time purchasing off Gluestore online. Not sure if Gluestore has any ‘homebrands/exclusives’ (nothing against homebrands/exclusives but the quality with online homebrands tend to be a hit or miss but since Gluestore also operates in brick and mortar retail stores if they do have homebrands/exclusives). Purchased a pair of Wrangler jeans and a pair of Superga sneakers the first time and the quality was immaculate.

Postage was fast(2.5 business days) and efficient as the goods were domestically boxed and sent, with signature required upon delivery ($75 free postage).


I first purchased off the Iconic in 2013 – Back then, Asos offered free express postage for orders of $150 and over but now express is $10 additional regardless – a smart move. From 2013 till now, I’ve purchased my fairshare of independent branded items, homebranded/exclusives and vague brands off Asos and I’ve concluded that Asos clothing and footwear are either a hit or a miss, however the quality is reflective of the price you pay for.

Postage takes around 6 business days as the goods were boxed overseas and then sent, with signature required upon delivery ($40 free postage)

The Iconic

First purchased from the Iconic in a joint purchase with a friend so didn’t get to experience how the payment/postage process was until recently. As mentioned above, I feel like homebrands/exclusives are either a hit or miss however, I have only purchased one exclusive brand(Spurr shoes) item from The Iconic and it was on relatively even grounds in between a hit or miss in terms of quality.

Postage was fast(3-4 business days) and efficient as the goods were domestically boxed and sent, no signature is required (I may or may not have unchecked the box that specifies whether a signature is required upon delivery).



  • If you’re concerned about purchasing online due to the quality of a garment, stick to independent wellknown brands from a website as the quality of the garment would be guaranteed to be of a medium-high level.
  • Homebrands/exclusives are a hit or miss.
  • Always check the shoe size charts/ shape of the toe if it’s a closed toe shoe as sizes may differ.


Disclaimer: I was not sponsored/endorsed to mention any of the stores/brands. All experiences listed with the stores/brands were independent. 

Thanks for reading- any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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