Yays & Nays (Mar 2016)

Hi everyone!

This month’s reviews are slightly earlier as I start university in a week and will be needing to temporarily channel my full focus in successfully starting up my uni-work-social-life balance. However, this does not mean I’ll be gone for long! I’ll be back with more quality content soon!




Jhene Aiko – b’s & h’s

Melanie Martinez – Soap (Max Liese Remix)



Beauty and fashion


D.U.P. double eyelid tape

$18 free shipping(120 pcs)

For those who know me, I’m always complaining about how my uneven eyelids- I have a hooded eyelid and a double eyelid which makes it inconvenient for me to draw on eyeliner and apply eyeshadow. I’ve finished my earlier D.U.P. box of double eyelid tape(which I bought domestically) for a while and have been using random brands of double eyelid tape whilst looking for another box of D.U.P. double eyelid tape domestically. However, after many searches, I ended up purchasing this off an Ebay seller from Japan(as Amazon took longer/costed more due to the conversion rate at the time of purchase)- Anyways, the seller sent it beautifully packaged in a fancy gift bag and a paper origami crane (so much effort for one product!)

What I like about the D.U.P. double eyelid tapes/ and what compels to stay a loyal customer is that they use 3M medical tape (perfect for people with sensitive skin/eyelids) as well as the tapered design of the ends which allows for a natural crease to be created. Also, the applicator is strong and sturdy unlike the thin weaker ones I’ve seen which remind me of flossing devices for some reason.

Verdict: Yay


Asos heeled loafers


Decided to wear these out for the first time (well properly since the first time was for a few minutes for a friend’s photography project)to design orientation today in an effort to complete my outfit of the day –

Photography: Carmen Zeng

but didn’t realise the rigidity of these shoes as a whole. I normally wear shoes with a fabric or leather upper which allows for ease of movement. However, as this shoe was 100% synthetic PVC upper(I suspect) and bottom, wearing these shoes today ended up being the most painful thing I’ve endured in the name of fashion. I wore sockettes which allowed my foot to slide down even though the shoe was a perfect fit – hence added to my discomfort. The synthetic PVC upper extends slightly to the lining and the part where the sockettes didn’t cover – the skin near my ankle and near my achilles tendon tore.

Verdict: Nay


Food and places


Haven Cafe (Haven tailoring coffee joyously)

[30-34 Chalmers St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010]

Visited: 23/02/16

Initially headed to a Italian pizza and pasta buffet placed located in Surry Hills, we eventually made our way to Haven after discovering the incorrect opening hours of the Italian pizza and pasta buffet place. This was my first time at Haven cafe and I feel like the quality of the interior matched the flavours and concepts of their food. Service was quick and informative when we couldn’t decide what to eat. The tear-imisu almost made me tear up because the coffee drop jellies were too bitter for my preference but this version of a tiramisu was interesting as it had a matcha layer. Another upside of Haven Cafe is that you receive $2 off a drink if you purchase a lunch item (within a certain period during a week).

Top to bottom: Smoked salmon fritters | Genmaicha tea chicken burger | Not pictured: Tear-amisu

Smoked salmon fritters $15.50

Poached egg, Sweet corn, onion, parsley, feta cheese

Genmaicha tea chicken burger $16.50

Fried cabbage, Almonds, Sweet aioli, Milk bun

Tear-amisu $11

Bailey’s infused tiramisu, matcha, coffee tears

Verdict: Yay for fast service and food

Papa rich Malaysian Delights

[5/185 Broadway, Ultimo, NSW 2007]

Visited: 10/03/16

After Design orientation today, wandered along Broadway and was attracted to Papa Rich‘s interior (from looking outside) and I hadn’t tried roti before so with friend’s assurance that roti tasted really good, we decided to eat at Papa Rich’s. An interesting feature of Papa Rich was the order process- you are required to fill out your own order manually/personally on a slip of paper with gridded categories. A downside of Papa Rich was the poor customer service as we pressed the buzzer several times and no server came to collect our order and after some intense eyeballing, we had our order collected.  The drinks arrived first, then followed by the Roti Kaya, then Roti Canai with curry chicken, then the sugared Roti with condensed milk. Another downside was the relatively large time frame between the delivery of each dish (hence was unable to take a photograph of the food). However, an upside is that Papa Rich‘s drink menu is definitely extensive – I’ll definitely back for their drink creations.

Roti Canai with curry chicken $13.90

Roti Canai with curry chicken

Roti Kaya $8.90

Roti Canai with coconut jam throughout the bread

Open sesame $7.90

Ice blended sesame with soya milk, with sesame icecream on top

Verdict: Yay for the food/ Nay for the service

DISCLAIMER: I was not sponsored/ paid to mention any brands

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!


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