TONY MOLY sheet mask reviews

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I’m starting a series of blogposts focusing on Korean sheet masks from Tony Moly, Innisfree, The Face Shop (and more) in preparation for the impending weeks of stress/excitement from starting university on the 21st of March, 2016!

The flavours/fragrances/types of face masks I’ll be trying out in this and the next few blogposts will deviate from the normal green tea, rice, fruit fragranced/infused varieties.

Personally, I’m not an overall fan of sheet masks as I don’t like the weight of the residue though I do like the cooling sensation after the sheet mask is placed over the skin(an experience that pore clay pack masks do not offer). However, the continuous expansion in the variety of fragranced/infused sheet masks piques my interest as to whether the sheet masks perform as described.

From personal experience, I’ve discovered that TONYMOLY makeup products are a hit or a miss (however indicative of their price point) – not sure how their skincare- in particular their sheet masks hold so I’m curious to see how this will go!

Disclaimer: I am not professionally affiliated with any of the brands mentioned below nor was I sponsored to write in any specific manner. 


TONY MOLY I’m real Skin purifying Seaweed Mask Sheet

[Purchased for $1.80 AUD]

When the mask is worn
  • Fragrance: A subtle fresh scent
  • Residue: Clear
  • Skin condition : Washed face after wearing makeup for 6+ hours
  • Claims: to purify and clear skin


TONY MOLY Skin Bright Pearl Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask

[Purchased for $1.50 AUD]

  • Fragrance: Lightly fragranced with a slight metallic undertone
  • Residue: Clear
  • Skin condition : Washed skin after wearing makeup for 6+ hours
  • Claims: To brighten skin

TONY MOLY Pureness 100 Caviar Mask Sheet

[Purchased for $1.80 AUD]

Interesting feature: This mask sheet is made from NON-bleached cotton fabric which contains cottonseeds

  • Fragrance: A light scent similar to the above sheet masks
  • Residue: Clear
  • Skin condition : Washed skin after exercising
  • Claims: to provide nutrition to the skin

TONY MOLY Goat Milk moisture mask sheet

[Purchased for $1.80 AUD]

  • Fragrance: A similar lightly scented fragrance like the other masks – However, there’s moderate undertones reminiscent of vodka and Artline texta markers. Honestly I was expecting the smell of milk.
  • Residue: Milky clear
  • Skin condition : Washed skin after staying at home
  • Claims: to provide moisture to the skin

Overall comments:

These sheet masks were tested out over four consecutive days in various skin conditions. I didn’t find feel or notice any significant changes to my skin. Those masks claiming to purify/brighten skin, I feel like all it did was moisturise my skin for the period of time the sheet mask/residue was sitting on top of my skin.

In a nutshell, nothing impressive (in a four day period anyways) but these masks are great inexpensive skincare accessories to bring with you to trips/camps  where storing jars of masks would prove too risky(spills) or too space consuming.

Thanks for reading- any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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