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Today’s blogpost will be on two of INGLOT’s lip pencil/crayon varieties I purchased recently! I’ve always passed QVB’s INGLOT store without thinking much of it but decided to check out their lip colours one day. While their lipsticks didn’t appeal to me due to a lack of matte colours and the questionable pigmentation of some, the lip crayons and lip pencils seemed  Additionally, both lip products are paraben free – I still don’t know the full story with parabens – what are your thoughts on parabens? 

INGLOT Lipliner/crayon in #354 

DSC_1874 copy
#354 | $29 AUD

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.28.46 AM
Source: Inglot Australia

When  I tested this lipliner instore I didn’t notice that the bottom had a brush on the other end – I don’t use brushes on my lips so I can’t comment on the quality of the bristle apart from the fact that they’re tapered and initially stiff (I think you’re meant to soften them.) I feel as if this lipliner has weak staying power as when  I press down with medium power to draw an outline, it doesn’t demonstrate full pigmentation and thus I have to press down harder to deliver a somewhat stronger line. However, the application process for the lip crayon reviewed below didn’t pose as a slight inconvenience and difficulty.

In terms of packaging, the brush at the end allows for convenience whether it’s for lip colours or another function.

INGLOT Lip pencil/crayon in #19

DSC_1875 copy
#19 | $25 AUD

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.29.04 AM
Source: Inglot Australia

The actual shade of the lip crayon was more of a burnt amber caramel brown than a cool brown as the online swatch guide suggests above^. Pigmentation wise, it was strong however if you decided to apply a layer of lipgloss over the top, slight product came off (this lip crayon is also matte so it is not suited for dry lips.)

In terms of packaging, the detachable sharpener at the end of the lip crayon allows for convenience. Unlike the lipliner, there’s no included brush which makes sense as the lip crayon tip covers a large surface area.

In the images above, I’m wearing  the lipliner on the outline of my lips and have blended the lip crayon into the lipliner outline. On a day of ‘neat eating and drinking’ – i.e. not excessive oil, both the lipcrayon and lipliner stay on – However, there’s slight minimal fading due to me wiping my lips with serviettes – the usual. Honestly, I was anticipating a darker end result but I forgot to consider that my natural lip colour was a light pink not like a white piece of paper – though this led to a more toned down muted brown – a subtle everyday colour.

Overall comments: 

There’s less variety of darker shades for both these styles of lip colours in the QVB store which I found disappointing as I do not purchase makeup online.

An interesting aspect I noticed whilst I was instore was that staff members regularly sharpened the tips of lip pencils and crayons which allowed for an overall uniform aesthetic of the tips – some similarly priced makeup stores don’t sharpen the tips regularly, especially in regards to wooden lip pencils (wooden barrel/casing) which then results in customers inadvertently exfoliating the back of their hands from trying to obtain a swatch but instead they feel the scratch of the wooden barrel/casing.

Would I repurchase? 

Yes, most definitely the lip crayon and might try out their eyeshadows!

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to mention any brands in this blogpost. 

Thanks for reading- any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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