Yays & Nays (Apr 2016)

Hey everyone!

This month of reviews explore some new (and some ‘old’) products!

Disclaimer: I am not professionally affiliated with any brands listed below. 


Colour addict Spray in hair chalk in Red

RRP: $8.99 AUD for 100g at Priceline


Backstory: I needed temporary hair colour to ombre the ends of one of my pigtails as part of a Harley Quinn inspired dressup but I wasn’t too keen on straight up hairspray because it’s a pain to get off (and hair chalk doesn’t?). Anyways, did a bit of googling and found that Priceline stocked spray in hair chalk so off I went (Also side note, they mostly stocked reds, blues, purples and pinks in store). Whilst spraying, the odour didn’t smell too death – it was reasonably pleasant to smell (as a bypassing thing because I wasn’t going out of my way to smell it ).

WARNING: Hairspray after any hair chalk, even spray in hair chalk. 

Verdict: Yay


Garnier Micellar Cleansing water

RRP: $12.99 AUD for 400ml at Priceline

I’m a bit late to the Garnier micellar cleansing water train – This was sold for half price about a month ago at Coles so I decided to see what the fuss was all about.

Yes it removes makeup, but that’s if you’re only wearing a thin layer of tinted moisturiser otherwise anything else heavier than that requires several applications. In other words, baby wipes and makeup wipes save time(but not money). Honestly, this might work for other people but I personally found that this wasn’t effective – especially in regards to removing eye makeup, I felt like I was sanding off my eyelids when I went over my eyeliner and eyeshadow with a Q tip dipped in Garnier‘s micellar cleansing water.

Verdict: Nay



PENFIELD Parmeter trail jacket in Black

RRP: $219.99 at Gluestore

IMG_0662 copy

I think I’ve found my all rounder, multi purpose jacket – I mean it comes with ginormous pockets as well as armpit zippers – in all seriousness though, . On a side note, I purchased a size M in men’s size but it seems more of a women’s size 10-12 – does the sizing run small? – Or maybe I’m imagining things… I do like my jackets loose – do I have a fridge in there? WHO KNOWS.

Vague ramblings aside, compared to other weather jackets, this jacket is slightly stiffer however it is still relatively lightweight, making it convenient to be carried around everywhere – and not to forget, it is waterproof and wind proof. The front pockets are surprisingly big – I think the zippers are probably around thirty centimetres each.

Verdict: Yay



Aqua S soft serve

$4.50 ($4 soft serve, $0.50 per topping)

DSC_1897-2I’m (a bit) late to the mainstream trends (once again) – however, this delay did not disappoint nor surprise me because the taste could be described as easily forgettable. I got the earl grey milk tea(beige) x sea salt(blue) topped with popping candy – that was undeniably some strong popping candy.

I feel like Aqua S is worth for an Instagram photo for those who enjoy more richly flavoured desserts as I felt like the early grey milk tea component tasted rather watered down and the sea salt part tasted like intense table salt infused soft serve.

Verdict: Nay

Coming soon:

More reviews on more Korean face masks as well as COLOURPOP lipcolours!

Thanks for reading- any advice/ feedback is greatly appreciated!


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