D.U.P. double eyelid tape review

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I’m back again with another review! Some of you may remember me reviewing this brand of eyelid tape back on my old blog (which has now been deleted).

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with any brands mentioned below.

Eyelid tape? What’s that?

Some of you may be wondering.

Basically, it’s tape that creates a double eyelid.

Sometimes it’s used as a temporary solution for ‘medical purposes’ in the scenario that one’s monolid pushes down on the lashes which may block a part of one’s vision where a double eyelid releases the lashes from being pushes down.

I use double eyelid tape for cosmetic purposes as I have uneven eyelids with my right eyelid being a double eyelid and my left eyelid being a hooded double – One might ask “Are unsatisfied with your appearance? ” . My answer is yes, not being able to do eyeshadow and eyeliner evenly has left me feeling dissatisfied.

What’s great about D.U.P’s double eyelid tape is that it’s made out of 3M medical tape which won’t cause irritation. However, if you incorrectly place your double eyelid tape on your eyelid and proceed to remove it several times and reapply a fresh new strip, the area where you want your crease to be will turn red/ dry and/or sometimes peel.

How I combat this problem (if I have time to spare), is after two mistakes, I’ll moisturise the area where I made the mistake on, wait a few minutes, then wash off the moisturiser (so the eyelid is dry and clean) before trying again!

I purchased my pack of 120 pcs of double sided double eyelid tape from a seller called hiro-a off Ebay. He/she ships directly from Japan where the brand originates from. I’ve purchased fom hiro-a before and the item is packaged beautifully with an origami paper crane. Communication is prompt and efficient.

Check it out here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/D-U-P-Japan-Wonder-Double-Eyelid-Tape-Extra-N-120-pcs-1-cases-free-shipping-/272178538292?hash=item3f5f1ae734

IMG_0735-2 copy
Included brochure
Included brochure
Different types of double eyelid applicators

Pictured on the left is the eyelid tape applicator that came with D.U.P’s double eyelid tapes whereas the one on the right is commonly found in most double eyelid tapes. I’m not a big fan of the applicator on the right as it reminds me of a plastic dessert fork x rake for some reason and it doesn’t demonstrate any flexbility which the applicator on the left does – You can pinch the sides or move the two prongs/teeth slightly up an down in contrast to each other. The flexibility in this applicator allows for a more precise application of the double eyelid tape.

Different types of double eyelid tape

I’ve found other double eyelid tapes less effective in holding up all day as the double eyelid tapes on the right tend to lose adhesiveness throughout the day and the eyelid tape on the left is not 3M medical tape which means there’s less flexibility in the tape. Also, the lack of a tapered point in the tapes above resulted in unnatural ‘ends’ of double eyelid creases.

As you can see, I’ve almost run out of my other container of double eyelid tapes but each container (when full and brand new) hosts 120 pcs of eyelid tape which can go for a long way especially if you’re using it for one eye instead of two eyes.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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