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Long time no blogpost! I have been inundated with workload lately but let’s put that aside and move onto this review!

I’ve always purchased instore from BONDS but in the midst of one of my uni stress induced online browsing sessions, I stumbled across the BUY1GET1FREE bra promotion so “Why not?“. In terms of design and materials, I find that they have a larger range of bra styles as well as a lot of basic and simple designs in nice material that doesn’t irritate the skin. In terms of underwear, the blend they use (cotton/elastane) seems to feel different than the standard cotton/elastane blend- it’s almost slightly thicker in one aspect so it doesn’t lose the elasticity and opacity as easier as other brands. Overall, I feel like BONDS has a functional but simple concept.

A few days later(after the promotion ended), I visited the Market City store and they also had the BUY1GET1FREE promotion so it might be still on for those who are interested! Though by signing up with BONDs, you are entitled to receive 20% off all your purchases(not in conjunction with any other offer and promotion). True to my nature, I also picked up several more items along the way, with the total coming down to $43.95 for 5 items.

Something that really stood out with BONDS online was their ‘FREE SHIPPING WITH ALL ORDERS and FREE RETURNS’ policy – which reminds me of discovering brick-and-mortar stores  that offer the ‘no minimum eftpos’ option. I understand that minimum charges have to be imposed by some businesses though it remains a subject of talk in today’s contemporary society that is moving away from primarily cash payments.

However, free shipping takes a literal 5 days (takes 2-5 business days to be delivered) so be aware if you need your purchase by a certain time and you’re purchasing from Sydney and you decide to use the free standard shipping option.

Interesting closure concept/ minimises wastage of another piece of sticky tape as there’s another strip of adhesive inside – pictured below.
Another strip of adhesive for easier returns
Free returns slip
The goods

Delivery was a smooth process- BONDS continuously sent emails notifying me of the stages of the delivery and upon receiving the package as luckily I was at home, a signature was required.

Disclaimer: I am not professionally affiliated with BONDS nor have I been sponsored to mention any other brands. Any deals/specials mentioned here are accurate as of today and are subject to change. 

Thanks for reading- any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!


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