Yays & Nays (May&June 2016)

Hi everyone,

I’m back again with another monthly review! This ‘month’s ‘ blogpost spans over two months- not that I did much due to uni assignments anyways hahaha but hope that’ll change in next month’s review!



Zero Degrees’ fish icecream

2000 NSW Sydney 501 George Street

Price: $6.50 AUD

[Soft serve icecream inside a fish waffle filled with red bean with ‘popping candy’, a swirl of chocolate and a stick of fresh fruit on top]

Thanks Kristal for letting me use this image!

I saw images of this fish icecream thing on Instagram and my friend and I were conveniently at Town Hall so we decided to try this new dessert fad.

If I had to describe this taste in terms of a fashion trend: it would be leopard print. An absolute mess of tackiness.  It looked better than it tasted. The toppings were just a weird combination- in particular the popping candy which tasted funny against the sweetness of the chocolate drizzle and the soft serve. The red beans were all jammed at the bottom of this fish icecream which meant that there wasn’t a nice red bean to soft serve ratio. Also, the fish’s tail wasn’t hollow so it just felt meaningless eating this tasteless soggy rendition of a waffle. On a positive note though, that was a lot of soft serve haha.

Verdict: Nay 


Tawandang’s Tom Kha Gai

706 George St, Haymarket NSW 2000

Price: $14.80 AUD | Rice: $3 AUD

[Chicken in coconut milk, mushroom, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and lemon juice]

13555488_1120492464684138_711306860_o copy
Taken with my phone camera- apologies for the low quality image.

I’ve been to Tawandang numerous times and probably  have ordered the same thing every time (Tom Kha Gai as pictured above) though it has never failed to disappoint. This dish all sorts of aromatic, tangy, sweet and creamy at the same time but both my friend and I found out after finishing our dishes that we were thirsting for water despite drinking a glass afterwards – lots of msg perhaps? 

Verdict: Yay 


Fashion & Beauty 

Etude House Moisture Cleansing Oil

Price: $3 AUD


IMG_0935-2 copy

Picked this up from those ‘distraction baskets’ at the front counter of Kim Sun Young on George Street – currently, best place to purchase Etude House products . It’s technically a sample but I don’t know how international samples work after entering Australia. There’s no English instructions (normally is but probably due to the lack of surface area on the tube, English instructions were omitted) accompanying the Korean writing. I think it’s meant to be a cleansing oil instead of makeup remover which I initially used it for haha woops. Though as a makeup remover, it works less effectively than moisturiser as a makeup remover alternative.

Verdict: Nay as makeup remover


Etude House Bling Bling Eyestick in #13 Sunbeam star

Price: $8 AUD

IMG_0930-2 copy
The stickness seen on the tube is from the tape stuck around it to seal it up so customers don’t open it and test it instead of using the tester. 
IMG_0931-2 copy
I’ve already started to use this hence the blunt top  – the original tip was a rounded dome.
There’s a little preview of the eyeshadow stick at the end of the cream eyeshadow stick. 

What I’ve found from using this cream eyeshadow stick is that to achieve maximum pigmentation and product, you’ve got to scrape off product instead of applying it directly using the tip of the cream eyeshadow crayon.  For some strange yet vaguely intriguing reason, when I was at the store, the tester for this shade felt ‘rougher’ than the other shades. The only negative I’d point out in this cream eyeshadow stick is the roughness of the glide in comparison to other cream eyeshadows and other shades in the same line.

Verdict: Yay


Top: Etude House Bling Bling Eyestick in #13 Sunbeam star | Bottom:Aritaum Mono eyes cream eyeshadow in #113


Aritaum Mono eyes cream eyeshadow in #113

Price: $11 AUD

IMG_0918-2 copy
As you can see, the one on the right has hit pan.

This is my favourite cream eyeshadow brand by far, the pigments and shades are so unique – normally there’s a base colour and there’s contrasting fine glitter particles. Shade #113 is a salmon x dusty pink base with purple glitter particles.

What I like about cream eyeshadows like these is that they stay on for relatively longer and have a less chance of ‘flaking off/shedding’ onto clothing etc when being applied. Also, these cream eyeshadows can be used both as waterliners as well as eyeshadows – I’ve chosen to use this as a ‘waterliner’ (since I don’t draw directly on my waterliner) as it’s a different shade to the normal pearly white commonly used.

Verdict: Yay

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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