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What I really like about online shopping is that you can access and own almost anything (provided you have the money to afford it- reality hurts).  I’ve never purchased from Missguided before so I was curious to test out the whole Missguided.com shopping experience – from ordering to receiving to the fit and quality of the garment.

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An interesting note: The layout in terms of the location of the ‘my account’ on the website- compared to other sites which have the ‘my account’ icon normally at the top right of the website – which was a bit confusing for me when I was trying to log out but I didn’t know if I was signed in or not.

Missguided now offers FREE SHIPPING for all purchases regardless of a minimum spend.

I paid through their Paypal option despite not having funds technically present in my Paypal account – BECAUSE I linked my debit card to Paypal, this way Paypal draws out money from your debit card ‘instantly’ (might take a few hours or overnight so don’t be surprised to see your account balance not change immediately) – thus saving you the normal 3-5 day wait from waiting for funds to transfer from your bank account to Paypal. I could’ve paid through their credit card option which meant typing out my card number, security number etc which takes longer than signing in with Paypal.

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My orders came in these bright pink bags ( slightly battered outside due to the rainy weather throughout the past week.

The packages arrived on the same day despite them being ordered 6 hours after the other.

Inside was the order + order and return details plus a 20% OFF ‘voucher’ but I’m a uni student so I’d receive a 20% off regardless so this voucher doesn’t really change anything.


At first glance (and touch), the bomber jacket feels really smooth and well constructed. However, the zipper feels risky – as in order for it to zip down or up smoothly, it needs to be at certain angles at certain times so I tend to wear this bomber jacket unzipped.


This tag is honest. I like it. 

The length of legs of the highwaisted jeans were longer than I expected them to be – I’ve noticed that denim jeans vary in length despite being under the same brand in similar styles (For e.g Wrangler). This was my first time purchasing a pair of denim jeans online from a lesser known brand. The denim jeans claim to be 98% cotton, 2% elastane yet they seem more on the stretchy side (I’ve just washed them once since I got them on Tuesday so I don’t know how it’ll turn out after a couple more washes though this is expected quality of fast fashion.)

Left: Both the Missguided jeans + lightweight bomber jacket modelled | Photography: Kristal Nguyen

In the left image above, both the Missguided lightweight bomber jacket and distressed jeans are modelled – The right image has the Missguided bomber jacket layered underneath a windbreaker.

Overall comments

If I had to compare the quality of these Missguided clothes on a scale of Boohoo to Asos, they’d be somewhere near the middle, leaning more towards the Boohoo side. Once again, as with most online stores, I’ve concluded that Missguided.com’s clothing are on

Will I be repurchasing again?

In the short term future, no, unless there’s something I really need and am unable to find it anywhere else. Otherwise, I rather save up and spend it on stuff from Glue, Asos and other similar stores – their reputation in terms of the quality of their clothes in general are of a higher level than stores like Boohoo and Missguided which often stock their own brand most of the time whereas Glue sells non ‘home brands’ like Stussy, Wrangler etc and Asos sells Adidas, Herschels and more.

Disclaimer: I am not professionally affiliated with any brands mentioned at the time of this blogpost.

Thanks for reading – any advice/ feedback is greatly appreciated!



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