Platform 82 Breakfast platter review

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Today, two friends and I somewhat trekked(there was trackwork and the replacement buses were irregular) to Concord West to try out the breakfast platter after seeing images of it flood Facebook and Instagram.

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Outside of Platform 82

We waited in line for approximately 59 minutes (Calculated from my Snapstory time filters). Today’s popular number was three but the tables of two cleared quicker so if you were a group of two and were waiting behind a group of three, you’d get to be seated first (which made sense because you couldn’t squish three people in a two person table). Ironically, we were ‘squished’ into a table for two when a waitress added a chair to a table for two situated outside. The group of three people in front preferred to sit inside and we were borderline deliriously hangry + outside would mean good lighting for Instagram/Snapchat/Blog photos (+ would also mean that there would be the chilly Sydney Winter wind repeatedly brushing against us). Trying to fit the plates as well as the platter onto the table was a bit awkward till we figured out to shift the platter diagonally slightly so the plates would fit.

IMG_1618 copy.jpg
An icecream cone stabbed into a stack of ‘pancakes’(crumpets) which were slathered with Nutella

I thought the museli clusters were minced meat pieces at first and I was so confused. If you’re wondering how long I took photos for in order for the icecream to look this dead and gone, I spent around 3 minutes taking these images – Therefore, the icecream came out looking this mediocre which also dragged down the presentation of the top plate. I don’t understand why the cone of the icecream was stabbed into the stack of pan-crumpets because the biscuit of the cone would get soggy and lose support if not eaten first, why even have a cone there?

Then once again, I assume components of this dish would be  prepared in parts in order to ensure efficiency and maintain the flow of customers – We only had to wait approximately 16 minutes which would be a rather short time to prepare and assemble all the food from scratch.

IMG_1619 copy.jpg

I think elements of the platters are prepared beforehand because the avocadoes were starting to brown. Also, I think the avocadoes were overripe as the half of the avocado that I had started to get stringy- was pretty sure the avocadoes we had were Hass avocadoes as Shepard avocadoes have rich yellow flesh and do not brown(they are also in season for a limited time period – around February and it’s August right now whereas Hass avocadoes are generally available all year round depending on which location they are grown from). I personally find that brown and stringy avocado ruins a brunch dish regardless how on point the other elements are(I really like avocadoes).

I don’t eat poached eggs because I don’t like runny eggs so I can’t provide a review on the taste of them – However the scrambled eggs tasted like a slight upgrade of the rubbery attempt of scrambled eggs at camp. It was like a watery slight rubbery attempt of scrambled eggs.

IMG_1615 copy
View of the platter from the other side

Overall comments

For a concept that involved classic breakfast items such as bacon, hash browns, avocadoes, ‘pancakes’(crumpets), the presentation was nothing special, if to be more specific, it was more on the un-aesthetic side. The top dish in particular looked a bit stingy especially with the sparsely spaced out museli clusters and 3 slices of a quarter of a strawberry. I think the only novelty with the presentation of the breakfast platter would be the tripod stand thing (reminds me of the Bunsen burner tripods back in highschool).

Otherwise, the food tasted like what it was supposed to taste like individually – wasn’t expecting any grand flavour and secret ingredient sauce.

Additional information

Platform 82

82 Queen Street, Concord West, 2138 NSW

Price per person: $32 AUD

Disclaimer: I am not professionally affiliated with any brands mentioned at the time of this blogpost. Each individual’s experience will differ – this is only my experience. 

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