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So a friend recommended Seoul Orizin(203-209 Thomas St, Haymarket NSW, 2000) a while ago and even though I frequented the surrounding areas often, I never actually ventured inside till yesterday.

Upon entering the restaurant, chairs and tables were packed together in a sort of ‘uncomfortably snug’ fashion – it reminded me somewhat of a classroom x food court. Staff greeted us when we walked in and when we were ready to order, even though one of the staff was going into the kitchen to unload his stack of plates, he memorised our order (which I thought was pretty cool because I’ve never worked in waitressing before- closest job to food I’ve worked in would be fast food and we had screens to help us with the orders #blesstechnology). 

IMG_1713 copy
Left to right: Side dishes (Free) | Dukbokki ($10) | Dumplings ($10)

They offered four different Banchan (side dishes). It was my first time trying any type of Dukbokki ever and whilst I’m not a big fan of Asian type of rice cake varieties without fillings, I found that the sauce offered some personality to the rice cakes. However, I still don’t think it’s my cup of tea. I felt that the amount of sauce was a bit on the lesser side though is it understandable for a prices from $10 lunch menu item?

The dumplings weren’t memorable though they didn’t taste bad either – Though, I felt like the filling inside was a bit ‘dead’ as in not freshly made on the spot(almost a few days old or recooked twice, probably was in the freezer for a bit) but food did arrive to us within 20 minutes during lunch rush (Almost every seat/table was taken when we arrived around 1:30pm). After we finished eating around 2:44pm, the restaurant was pretty much empty save for a few customers.

IMG_1717 copy
Friend’s dish: Stone pot Bibimbap($12)

When I like something, I tend to order the same thing over and over again if I don’t have the opportunity or time to recreate it at home hence I chose the chilled buckwheat noodles – I’ve only had this dish at 678 and the portions are similar despite a difference in $4(prices may have risen since I last went 8 + months ago). I find chilled buckwheat noodles to be really filling without leaving you with a bloating feeling. If I had to eat one Korean dish or the rest of my life, it’d either be chilled buckwheat noodles(Mul Naengmyeon) or beef short rib soup (Galbitang).

*Please correct me if I have misused/mispelled the above terms. 

IMG_1718 copy
My dish: Chilled buckwheat noodles ($10)

Overall comments

I think that the lunch menu specials work really well with uni budgeting or just daily budgeting in general so I would definitely come back for the lunch menu specials – I assume that popular lunch menus that incorporated common ingredients would have the highest turnover of fresh produce which is always positive! However, I don’t think I’d be eating less popular items off the menu(at a later time e.g. evening to night) from Seoul Orizin as mentioned above how the traffic went from peak to lows in a matter of an hour – though I don’t know how busy Seoul Orizin gets at night compared to other Korean restaurants nearby such as 678 and Dae Jang Kum. But overall, it was a positive experience!

*Disclaimer: I’m not professionally affiliated with any brands mentioned at the time of this blogpost. 

Thanks for reading – any advice/ feedback is greatly appreciated!



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