NUGLAS Ipad Air 2 screen protector review

Hey everyone,

So a few weeks ago I finally got around to ordering a screen protector for my Ipad (Till then, I still hadn’t taken it out of the wrapping that it came with so it was awkward and very fiddly trying to take it out in public when I wanted to use it to draw)

The item listing was:

The total came down to $12.95 at the time of payment, which I paid with Paypal (which I use as my main method of payment with Ebay and other online stores).

Delivery was estimated to be around 3-5 days but ended up taking almost a week which was understandable as the the days leading up to the delivery of the item were extremely rainy.



A thing with Ebay more than any online store (well reputable online stores), is determining whether an item is genuine or not – I avoid purchasing or using counterfeit items especially cosmetics(as you never know what exact ingredients are in that formula but also I read/heard from somewhere/someone sometime ago that counterfeit products fund shady intentions/organisations) so I was curious to see if this was really authentic as it had stated on the website.

 Initially, I typed up the number above onto the website and it didn’t recognise the number BUT I later re-entered the series of numbers without any spaces in between the numbers and it verified the authenticity of the screen protector!

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.57.17 PM
Verification message
Contents inside the box

The contents included a microfibre cloth, an alcohol wipe, a logo tag?(small green rectangle thing pictured above- I think you’re meant to use it to smooth out air bubbles) the glass screen protector, a sheet of sticky film and brief instructions. The instructions were a bit vague at times and I’ve never applied a glass screen protector before so I googled around. What really surprised me was that once the glass screen protector as placed on top of the Ipad screen and all the edges matched up, the glass screen protector just ‘stuck on by spreading like a water spill’ and there’s no air bubbles!

The glass screen protector feels just like the actual Ipad screen (well to be honest, I don’t know since I haven’t touched it with my fingertips) However, every 2% of the time, my stylus and Ipad won’t register each other and nothing will happen –

Final outcome!

Would I purchase again from this seller/ would I purchase this item again? 

Yes, definitely especially if this screen protector breaks because screen protector films are often pricey and difficult to access.

Thanks for reading – any advice/ feedback is appreciated!



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