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So I was running out of my favourite double eyelid tape (Read about the D.U.P double eyelid tape here) which I normally purchase from this seller who no longer sells that item –  I preferred to purchase from him as he shipped straight from Japan -the package would arrive in one week and shipping was free whereas buying direct from the D.U.P. website would incur a $25 AUD+ shipping fee for items under 500g.

Being in a mini time dilemma, I tried looking for the brand in all of the Asian beauty stores I knew but they were all out of stock with restocks maybe happening in a week or so. I’m down to my last 10 or so strips and if I order from another store, they won’t arrive till around 2 weeks later. Storytime aside, I found these half sized double eyelid tapes from Absolute Beauty (A Japanese brand).

IMG_1967 copy
Front of the box

I bought this from W Cosmetics in Hurstville for $15 AUD – The whole box is in written in Japanese so I assume that the 100 in the image shown above mean that there’s 100 pieces of double eyelid tape – they have separated them into both Left and Right eyes so I guess that means there’s 50 pieces of tape for both eyelids – my struggle is that I only need it for my left eyelid so the right shapes ones will be useless unless there’s no major difference.

IMG_1968 copy
Back of the box
IMG_1969 copy

Inside the package, there’s the sheets of double eyelid tape, a container (originally the tape wasn’t in the container as shown- Instead it was in a sealed plastic packet (probably to prevent as much moisture in the air or dirt as possible as the gaps in a container are more prone to collecting ‘outside material’ than sealed packages)) , a weird eyelid poke applicator that kind of resembles oars, and an information booklet- with the instructions written in both Japanese and English. I tried to look for the material and adhesive used for the double sided tape because I wanted to know if they were using medical grade tape or not. (Medical grade tape holds better and is also safe for sensitive eyelids/skin) but there was no additional information save for the manufacturer’s name: Dear Laura.

IMG_1970 copy
Instruction manual

It took me about 7 failed tape attempts to actually apply the tape onto my eyelid because the tape itself was stuck firmly to the plastic backing the whole time. I skipped out on using the oar shaped applicator and went straight for my D.U.P. applicator which was more flexible yet sturdy. The comparably smaller surface area than full sized double eyelid tapes as well as the stiff nature of the plastic backing made it difficult to remove the plastic backing as well as positioning the tape properly on the eyelids – if the plastic backing was just simple waxed paper and split in the half it’d be easy to apply and remove the tape to the eyelids using the eyelid applicator – I’m not sure if D.U.P. obtained legal rights for them(D.U.P. not Absolute Beauty) to only employ their eyelid tape application method and special V shaped fork applicator.

IMG_1971 copy
Close up of the tape and applicator fork thing

Overall comments

Honestly, it’s not as bad as I initially thought in the first 7 failed attempts. However, due to D.U.P’s ease of application, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing Absolute Beauty‘s double eyelid tape again in the long run. Though, I am intrigued by Absolute Beauty’s double eyelid fibre – I’ve avoided double eyelid fibre  for a while because it’s around 6:30am when I do my makeup for early days and I’m half asleep so I don’t trust myself to snip off the ends of the fibre with scissors but if I do end up trying them, I’ll let you know with regards to how it goes!


  • I am not professionally affiliated with any brands mentioned at the time of this blogpost. 
  • Every individual is different so my experiences with this eyelid tape may be different to yours. 

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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