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Venturing out from the cafes on Glebe Road and surrounding areas to the heart of the city, Caffe Tiamo(374 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000) is located near World Square and focuses on fusion food.

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Bookshelf feature
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Friend’s dish: Roast veggie sandwich
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My dish: Tomato and avocado on Bruschetta: $9
Iced soy black sesame latte

I’ve found that every eatery in general do avocado dishes differently – whether it’s a subtle variation or an entirely new twist on the classic brunch menu item. In this case, the avocado spread on the bruschetta bore a close resemblance to avocado dip(thick creamy occasionally tasteless taste as opposed to the buoyant smoothness of freshly smashed avocado) and the bruschetta was actually garlic bread.

Overall comments

The food technically was what it was advertised to be save from the fact that the pictures and the final item didn’t match up exactly. Though I haven’t tried any of their other dishes, I don’t think I’ll be returning any time soon by choice (as in I won’t go out of my way to go back) and in the event that I do return, I won’t be getting the tomato and avo on bruschetta. I really liked their iced black sesame latte though – not a lot of eateries serve black sesame drinks or desserts that use soy by default(I’m not Vegan, Vegetarian or lactose intolerant but I prefer the watery-ness of soy milk over the density of standard full cream milk)- will definitely go back for their iced black sesame lattes!

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