Paladone temporary tattoo pens review

Hey everyone,

So I was browsing ASOS the other day and came across the listing of this ‘temporary tattoo pens’ . They cost $11AUD for a pack of 6 excluding shipping – relatively inexpensive so I decided to purchase it and see what difference it’d make from using a normal ballpoint pen.


The design of the box that the pens came in screamed PARTY TRICKS FOR KIDS to me – later after more browsing on ASOS I discovered that Paladone manufactures a lot of other ‘miscellaneous & novelty gifts’.



The silver looked like it ‘actually belonged’ to the skin when it dried – however the other colours looked like normal glittery gel pen that took a while to dry or not dry at all – Those colours honestly did not seem like they would be able to last for up to 3 days as per the box.

Upon removal using a baby wipe, the colours disappeared with ease apart from the glittery pink which left a pink trace on my skin.


Overall comments

If you’re looking for a quick temporary painless fix that won’t give you the organic and blatant ‘ I just drew on myself’ vibes , sheet tattoos or body paint would be the better option when compared to these pens – However, I am aware that this brand is a novelty gifts brand so it’s no strange occurence that quality is compromised for novelty.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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