Beauty Bakerie LipWhip review

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So about a month ago, my friend gifted me a Beauty Bakerie lipwhip and I didn’t get around to reviewing it till today. These matte lipsticks ‘retail’ online for $20 USD which roughly translates to $26-27 AUD (if AUD is equivalent to $0.75 USD).

Click here for the video version of this blogpost which includes the unboxing and application of the Lipwhip.

The shade that I got was Sakura Delight, a warm red toned, rich pink.


Interestingly, on the ingredients list written on the side of the box: Carmine was included – not sure if carmine is exclusive to just this shade: Sakura delight or if it exists in all the other Lipwhips – Just wanted to bring this up in case you don’t read the ingredients on the side of the box and you feel conflicted in the long run(not that I do read all of the ingredients anyways). I’m not Vegan nor are all of my makeup and skincare cruelty free(if I find out that they test on animals I will stop purchasing from them.) but I do like to find out where my products come from to make an educated purchase.

Ingredients list


The LipWhip is packaged in a simple sturdy cardboard box filled with shredded and crimped pink paper filling – nothing too fancy but it is easily recyclable.



In the initial 3 hours after application, before eating, my lips felt taut and I really wanted to grab lipbalm but I persisted to see whether my lips would crack with the lipstick if the lipstick was actually physically drying.

This matte lipstick is pretty much stain and smudge proof. However, after eating when I blotted my lips with the serviette, only lipstick from the corners of my lips stained the serviette and when I drank water, the lipstick did not transfer onto the bottle spout/ glass edge.

5-6 hours after application

Overall comments

Whilst compared to Colourpop, Beauty Bakerie Lipwhips cost more, being triple the price but they’re less drying in the long run than Colourpop formulas. One thing that I find unfortunate about Beauty Bakerie is that they don’t have an extensive range of shades as of yet – though it’s probably due to the fact that Colourpop and other popular matte lipstick brands undeniably have more traffic and exposure (Interestingly, Beauty Bakerie seems to have invested their funds into the packaging of the LipWhips). However, if I see a shade I like, I’d definitely repurchase.

Disclaimer: I am in no way professionally affiliated with any brands mentioned at the time of this blogpost. 

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