Yays & Nays (Aug 2016)

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Apologies for the one week delay in posting August 2016 Yays and Nays! – I didn’t manage time as well as I wanted to with the increase of uni work. This month’s review will incorporate a shift of a bunch of recaps to a fusion of recaps and in-post reviews in order to fit as much information and as many reviews as possible in a succinct manner!

Food & places


Well Co Cafe

35 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037

‘Brunchin has become the new lunchin’ If you’re looking for Brunch food, best check out eateries in Surry Hills and Glebe – I haven’t been to a place from those areas that have served me avocado with a significant portion of it oxidised/browned (traumatic experiences for first world hipsters). This place was recommended to me by a friend and it didn’t disappoint! Not that there’s much to be disappointed about when all you eat is pretty much avocadoes apart from oxidisation.

*apologies in advance for the phone quality photos, I forgot to bring my camera that day.


The choice of water and condiments were slightly disconcerting – they reminded me of medicine bottles.

DSC_2080 (1)
Bacon was an extra \ Original dish did not come with bacon

Once again, the avocado dish tasted like pretty much every other decent avocado brunch menu item I’ve had however, they included capers on top of the dish which added a twist to the normal dish. I’d definitely revisit and would definitely repurchase this dish.

Verdict: Yay

Yebisu Izakaya

10/501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

IMG_1529 copy

The interior design of Yebisu Izakaya was subtly ambient.


The food tasted like every decent Japanese dish I’ve eaten – though the broth wasn’t as salty as the broth in Mappen.

Verdict: Yay

Platform 82 

82 Queen St, Concord West NSW 2138

IMG_1615 copy

Gracing newsfeeds of both Instagram and Facebook are images of these stacked platters seemingly overflowing with every brunch item imaginable especially the icecream cone.

Read my full review here

Verdict: Nay



73 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037


Continuing my avocado adventures along Glebe Point Road from seeing Instagram photos and it sure didn’t disappoint.

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Verdict: Yay

Dulcis Domus 

16-18 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007

IMG_1861 copy

IMG_1862 copy
Closeup of the breakfast museli bowl | Friend’s dish
IMG_1863 copy
Closeup of the smashed avocado with salsa and feta on unidentifiable bread

The portion sizes were significantly smaller in comparison to other cafe’s portions but the taste wasn’t compromised as a result of the smaller serving. I couldn’t recognise the bread the smashed avocado was served on- shape of a slice of sourdough toast but not as firm – this bread was much softer.

IMG_1865 copy
Hanging lights

Service was efficient and precise as it was around 10:30am when we went there and there wasn’t much traffic in the store yet.

Verdict: Yay

Caffe Tiamo

374 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

Disappointing avocado experience but not from the oxidisation of the fruit.  Read more here. However, it was perhaps just that one menu item that wasn’t up to par with the other brunch places I’ve visited. Something that’s unusually convenient about Caffe Tiamo are their opening and closing hours, they are open for about 19-20 hours, till 11pm-midnight which is convenient for alternate late night snack options or just a place to chill. 

IMG_1979-2 copy

Verdict: Nay for the avocado on bruschetta, Yay for the sesame drink.

Fashion & beauty 

Pimkie highwaisted acid wash jeans

Something interesting about purchasing denim jeans is that normally there isn’t any information provided about how long the legs of the jeans are – As I purchase most of my clothes online especially jeans, the length of the legs are often a hit or miss(Most of the time, the legs of the jeans are ‘super long’, creasing several times) but this pair of denim jeans are surprisingly short, ending above my ankle. It’s not necessary a negative aspect as it’ll be versatile in both cold and warmer weather conditions. Sydney is currently easing out of Winter, so my favourite accompaniment with these jeans are funky socks.

I purchased these pair of jeans off ASOS.com as there’s no quick and direct way of purchasing straight from Pimkie. Unfortunately, Pimkie’s website is by default in French so when I translated it into English using the web browser option/setting from the pop up message, I tried to look for shipping locations but didn’t find any clarification or specification to where it shipped to – so I’m assuming that they don’t ship directly to Australia yet (I’m not surprised because a lot of online stores do not ship to Australia when you compare it to America).

The PIMKIE jeans as worn here | For the full outfit blogpost, click here

Verdict: Yay 

Absolute Beauty double eyelid tape

IMG_1967 copy

I went through about 6 pieces of these half strips of double eyelid tape before I could actually use them as the instructions provided in the instruction manual were not exactly the most straightforward set of instructions I’ve seen. Read more about it here.

Verdict: Yay

Disclaimer: I am not professionally affiliated with any brands mentioned at the time of this blogpost. 

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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