BETTS Sure grips sole grips review

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Recently, I bought a pair of shoes that have relatively flat and smooth soles and I didn’t want to risk a slip in the long run so I searched around for anti-slip treads – my favourite pairs of shoes have either a subtle tractor sole or have great tread. I didn’t have to Google much online to find that various shoe stores instore had them.


Price: $5.99 AUD

When purchasing it, the shop assistant informed me that I had to warm up the stickers before pressing firmly on so I went and used the hairdryer for a few seconds (maybe 10-15) to warm it up. The adhesive is really strong – once you’ve applied most of the sticker on and if you make a mistake you won’t be able to pull it off with ease.

What was interesting was that these sole grips are a ‘collaboration‘ between Betts and Waproo, a well known shoe and leather care brand.



Overall coments

 I’ve worn the boots about twice for about 6 hours each and the tread bumps have started to wear out – maybe you’re meant to keep reapplying new stickers onto the sole everytime they wear out? They definitely aren’t a solve-for-all solution in preventing slips and trips but they do add more traction than the original flat and smooth sole in the short run.

Thanks for reading- any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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