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A few weeks back, I was looking online for white sneakers that weren’t canvas material but I also wasn’t intending to spend much on them because I didn’t see myself wearing them much in the long run apart from outfit of the day looks and random grocery runs. What I really liked about Shubar online was that delivery for orders under $50 was only $6 extra where some other stores charge $10 or more – though it isn’t a large price margin, it’s psychologically feels like a big difference(To think of it, I’ve hit minimum shipping at ASOS everytime I’ve ordered).

In the end, I found these Croc textured glossy Plimsols for $30 – the smooth exterior meant that it’s both waterproof and easy to clean so less fuss in the long term. I paid for my order at 8:48am, Saturday (13/08/16) using Paypal. The total came down to $30+ $6 shipping = $36 AUD

Postage took around 5 business days and I received the order on Tuesday(16/08/16) when I came back home from uni – luckily someone was home so I didn’t have to retrieve the package held by a local newsagent (since the carrier was TNT) the next day.



The shoes looked exactly like the shoes pictured on the site.

I made another purchase shortly after my first online purchase from Shubar on Wednesday (24/08/16). The total came down to just $50 including shipping as shipping was FREE for orders $50 and over. When it delivered, noone was at home to sign off the package so the carrier (TNT) dropped off a slip for me to collect it at some random newsagent I’ve never set foot in, in my suburb. I finally understood why the local post office didn’t have my package on hold – the package was delivered through TNT not AUSPOST – mini brain fart moment. Once again, delivery took around 5 business days.


The package was delivered with a printed plastic delivery bag – both times the shoes were delivered in this packaging, as with most shoe deliveries.


This was my first pair of side-zippered boots as I’ve only worn boots with elasticised sides due to the minimisation of time wastage when you’re in a rush.

Close up of the pebbled leather

Upon closer inspection, I noticed how fragile the ring part of the zipper was – it seemed like it could break, or ‘pull apart’ (you know when the ends of jumprings and similar rings pull apart due to force because it’s not fused together?) after a few wears but so far it hasn’t.


As you can see, the right sole was slightly ‘dirty’ – this pair of shoes has probably been transferred from another store (to my knowledge only HYPE shoes stocks Shubar shoes in brick and mortar stores) where they had one shoe out for display and people have tried it on but honestly no big deal. The soles of the boots were relatively smooth and flat so I had to purchase some sole grips which I got from Betts – see my review here.

Sole grips attached

Overall comments

I find that overall, Shubar as a brand sells affordable leather footwear and sneakers of decent quality. Shipping and delivery is standard, similar to other brands that take around 5 days to deliver such as

Disclaimer: I am not professionally affiliated with any brands mentioned at the time of this blogpost.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is appreciated!


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