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So the other day, I went brunch at Newtown with a couple of friends – it was actually my first time visiting Newtown – I think I’ve passed Newtown once whilst going to Glebe markets via car but that’s been the closest I’ve been to Newtown till today.


I saw the words pandan and coconut and had to try out this menu item – what I wasn’t so keen about was the dehydrated licorice but rather than requesting for the item to be excluded, I was curious to see if the taste of dehydrated licorice would be as strong as normal licorice – first bite, it tastes like a dry crunch disintegrating into nothingness but then the licorice aftertaste hits.


The dish looked really pretty, adorned with scattered edible flowers that tasted like nothing – to be honest I felt like I was eating a flower garden. The Pandan coconut chia sago part looked like guacamole to me but the taste said otherwise. It wasn’t too sweet nor was it too bland – it was a safe balance in between the two.

Friend’s dish


It was my first time trying out coconut affogato(and (affogato in general) and I didn’t know how I was meant to eat/drink it so I just ate the icecream, drank the coffee in between (I’m not even a coffee drinker but I saw the word coconut haha I’m hopeless) and the icecream provided a subtle contrast to the strength of the coffee.

Overall comments

The elevated tables for 3-4 people are quite small so it’s a bit squishy and awkward to enjoy your eating experience to its potential. However, Customer service was efficient and plentiful as there was always a server checking up on us every 15 or so minutes – I always feel like it’s kind of burdensome when servers/waitstaff check up on your frequently – I know they’re doing their job but I sometimes feel like I have to hurry up and finish my food extra quickly especially if I see a lot of people waiting. But overall, I would visit again and try some of their other items on the menu!

Disclaimer: I am not professionally affiliated with any brands mentioned in this blogpost. 

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