Ready to wax, wax strips review

Summer’s just around the corner and a short term effective way of hair removal is wax strips. Compared to laser hair removal, it’s a relatively less invasive and cheaper method.

A short lowdown on waxing

Wax clings onto each hair strand and when pulled off, hair is removed from the roots which allows for longer hairless results. There’s two main different types of waxing methods:

  • soft wax (removed with strips)
  • hard wax (removed without strips)


Waxaway Ready To Use Wax Strips

Price: $8.69 for 20 wax strips (Prices are cheaper than the RRP as I bought these from Chemist Warehouse)


The 20 wax strips pack includes:

  • 20 wax strips
  • 1 waxing oil sachet
  • 1 instruction manual

Like Nair‘s Easiwax™ wax strips, the backing for the wax is clear plastic which allows for precise positioning of the wax strip on the skin. I like to cut my wax strips to wax areas of regrowth that grow quicker than other parts. However, when I peel the strips away from each other, the plastic backing rips which leaves me with an awkward piece of wax still half intact. Apart from that, the wax strips have the same effectiveness level as the Nair’s wax strips. Compared to the other 2 brands below which provide 2 aftercare wipes per 20 wax strips, the Waxaway wax strips only included 1 aftercare wipe so use your wipes carefully if you’re purchasing the 20 set.


Veet Ready-to-use Wax Strips with Easy Grip™

Price: $9.69 for 20 wax strips / $12.99 AUD for 40 wax strips (Prices are cheaper than the RRP as I bought these from Chemist Warehouse)


The 40 wax strips pack comes with:

  • 40 wax strips
  • 4 Perfect Finish wipes
  • 1 instruction manual

As you can tell from the images, the wax sits on a part nonwoven glossy paper based backing which means that there’s not a high chance of the strips ripping as discussed in the review of the Waxaway strips. However, as a result of the milky opacity of the strips, even when the strips are cut, it’s difficult to see whereabouts the strip covers when placed on the area to be removed of hair.


Nair Easiwax™

Price: $7.69 for 20 wax strips / $12.69 for 40 wax strips from (Prices are cheaper than the RRP as I bought these from Chemist Warehouse)


The 40 wax strips pack comes with:

  • 40 wax strips
  • 4 aftercare wipes
  • 1 instruction manual

What I really like about Nair’s Easiwax™ strips is that the base that the wax sits on is clear so you can see exactly whereabouts you’re placing the wax strip – one of the reasons as to why I like to cut large wax strips into smaller strips is that I sometimes use it to wax the perimeters of my brow hairs – I’ve tried Nad’s facial hair removal pen and strips but it’s not effective for me.  A downside of these wax strips is that the wax often ‘melts’ and seeps out from the centre which makes it messy and annoying to pull apart the base when exposing the wax.


Overall comments

Prior to this blogpost, I’ve used Nair’s Easiwax™ strips numerous times and after trying out the other 2 brands of wax strips, I’d definitely still stick with Nair’s Easiwax™ strips due to the easy cut plastic and clear base though there’s not a significant difference amongst the three brands mentioned above.


  • I am not professionally affiliated with any brands mentioned at the time of this blogpost. 
  • I am not a medical/skincare professional – do not take this review blogpost as a bible. Any reactions to these products, please see a healthcare/skincare professional. 

Thanks for reading- any advice/ feedback is greatly apreciated!



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