Juggle struggle: Pt 1

Today I sat down in my lecture and took my laptop out of my laptop sleeve and then freaked out because I couldn’t find my grey concession Opal card inside and then freaked out even more because I had the auto top up option on my concession card. Later a friend pointed out a grey Opal card under the seats and it turned out it was mine but it was kind of pointless because I blocked it.

Anyways, I ended up calling Opal customer care and they told me they couldn’t unblock my card so I despondently said “Okay, have a nice day 🙂 ” because I’ve been permanently conditioned to sign off with have a nice day but I do wonder if things would be different if I approached the phone call in a verbally aggressive suburban mum manner. I mean what a gr8 profit tactic – this way, unfortunate people like me today(tbh it was really was my fault for freaking out too quick) are forced to purchase adult opals. #capitalism what can you say? But that aside, I’m already stressed as it is so 2 weeks of adult fares will be alright since uni classes end this week (jokes I still have to travel to work and uni to finish off model projects in time for the end of sem exhibitions) which reminds me, I think I had my first taste of dealing with a vague derivative of accounting (tbh it was more of simple budgeting) and I am even more certain that I wouldn’t have been able to survive through a business subject for uni – respect to those who ace it! I mean occasional 2 hours of sleeps aren’t really my cup of tea but every course is difficult in its own way –

Is it weird if I told you that I’d feel sorry for myself if I had time to feel sorry for myself? 99% probs. You know what’s slightly amusing and mostly sad? The most hours of sleep I’ll get will this year probably be when I’m on that 9 hour flight to HongKong because straight after that it’s Christmas and you know retail gotta love some good retail hours. #capitalism.

Speaking of capitalism and consumerism, is it me or are Colourpop cosmetics so overrated? The liquid lipsticks aren’t even that good, they aren’t transfer proof and they’re so dry on the lips! I tried out one of their highlighters, and once I opened the lid, it smelled like cheap texta? But that’s expected of lower priced makeup. Actually, Colourpop is the only  makeup brand I purchased from in that price bracket – I don’t think I’ll be purchasing from Colourpop ever again. I’ll be doing a blogpost on the Colourpop highlighter soon so keep an eye out for that if that’s something you’d like to know! Beauty Bakerie lipwhips are so much better despite being around 3.5 x more expensive. *this is not a sponsored post.

It’s getting late as in tired late and it’s a 9am start for me tomorrow so I’m going to finish up with some work now.



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