COLOURPOP highlighter review

I’m a sucker for flash sales and because Colourpop was doing a FREE INTERNATONAL SHIPPING sale on orders over $50USD or something, I just had to purchase something – I also purchased a metallic lipstick and a matte lip pack which I gave away because I don’t know why I even bought it when I don’t even like Colourpop matte lip sticks as they irritate my lips – anyhows will see if the metallics are any different and will update you guys.

$8 USD each excluding shipping 

Something I’ve always wanted to test from Colourpop was their highlighters – I didn’t expect them to be so finely pressed and/or creamy. The lid was unusual but it was later understood that the screw feature meant that the creaminess would not dry out overtime.


I find the smell of makeup and skincare products to be important because if you’re wearing that for 6+ hours you don’t want to smell chemicals/ambiguous ingredients (if smelling chemicals/ambiguous ingredients isn’t your thing).

Once I unscrewed the lid, the highlighter smelled like cheap texta.



Angle 1 : Face front

With the real life photos of the highlighter being worn on the face, I have relatively high cheekbones so that also aids in the whole highlighting process/result.

Angle 2: Slightly to my left

Overall comments 

It does its job which is to highlight the face – you can barely see it in photos but in real life a generous amount renders your accentuated features identical to brand new Scanpan pans.  However, the smell of the highlighter repels me as well as compelled me to search up their ingredients, some of which brought up controversial and conflicting reports(the actual minerals inside the highlighter, not the highlighter brand) when I searched it online. I won’t be wearing this daily or regularly – I’ll stick to my Faceshop liquid illuminator.

Disclaimer: I am not professionally affiliated with any brands mentioned at the time of this blogpost. 

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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