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I was searching online for camera bags because the lid on my camera comes off really easily and I’ve had some near scratch encounters – Since I plan to use my camera a lot more often which means I’ll be carrying it out with me pretty much every day, a case will save me from those near scratch encounters – Also, it’s a hassle and difficulty to order/purchase parts if you’re travelling overseas.  So off to Ebay I went.

Catchoftheday made headlines 3-4 years ago with ‘daily discounts on big brands’ but apart from the now occasional advert pop, I don’t see Catchoftheday’s presence at all these days. These ‘daily discount’ sites often have a few items with really good deals(and by good deals I mean price to quality to brand ratio not just based off $$) and the rest are just ‘normal deals’. I browsed a bit further and saw luggage case listings as well and the postage fees for those are the same as postage fees for clothing and such. $9.99 flat rate. I’ve never ordered anything online larger than a backpack – imagine how odd a suitcase size box would be if left outside the doorstop.

Scrolled a bit and a bit more and discovered a listing by Catchoftheday, advertising a camera bag by Lowepro – a well known brand for camera bags, backpacks and accessories.

Total price: $29.95 + $9.99 postage fee.

The package arrived quicker than expected – I wasn’t at home when they came a-knockin so I picked it up from my local Post Office. Quick and easy process.

Delivery box

What was interesting about the packaging was that the item itself was not wrapped in plastic packaging – which is good for the environment because there’s less plastic but at the same time, what if it rained and the goods inside got damaged. Once again, this is my first time purchasing with Catchoftheday so maybe they have different packaging processes with different items.

It came with two catalogues
Internal compartments – partitions can be removed /attached as it’s Velcro-ed on.

Funny thing was, the camera bag was actually a tad bigger than what I envisioned – it was like a large lunchbox bag – though I didn’t choose to refund/exchange it because it’s not a huge disaster – I’ll definitely upgrade my camera in the near future so I can save this till then.

Overall comments

It was a smooth and easy process and items were as described. Would definitely purchase off them again.

Disclaimer: I am not professionally affiliated with any brands mentioned at the time of this blogpost. 

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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