Juggle struggle: Pt 2

After our final assignments and assessments are handed in/exhibited, that then marks the end of first year of university – I’m both equally excited and apprehensive towards what next year will bring.

So I picked up a second job almost a month ago to help fund for my Hong Kong uni trip and I work normally nights after uni or mornings before uni and sometimes I feel like not doing any work because I’m too emotionally exhausted. I really want to travel to Korea and Japan in the near future because of aesthetics, fashion, makeup and definitely food – and then Europe is also on the list after these two because Europe’s going to cost a kidney, my Year 6 secrets and half my Hecs debt- okay, kidding the amount of saving required is just so overwhelming but it’ll teach me how to budget in the long term.   I’ve left most of my social accounts lagging by 3x the normal upload rate which I’m sorry to myself for but heck model making takes 4x the time you expect it to take – assignments in general take longer than expected…I spent 1.5 days sewing mini curtains, bundles of mini clothes and mini dresses on hangers.

Today, I somewhat realised the intangible preciousness of time. In 2016, money can buy happiness (to an extent, depending on the individual) but money can’t buy time (or so from my viewpoint anyways.)

We are time poor.

I was watching the Royal Family dance crew’s World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 showcase and wondered about who amongst the crew got to this stage(literally, metaphorically) from more hardwork than natural talent. Imagine, putting your all into something and not making it but I guess that’s what makes life such a gamble…

What will happen tomorrow?

What can happen tomorrow?


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