Juggle struggle: Pt 3

Today was the first time I’ve opened, and at that, by myself but it’s definitely easier than closing for a first timer. I turn up to my shift 30 minutes early because JUST TO BE SAFE just in case the train was delayed or something, just in case I screw up opening the store, in case the systems were playing up. So, JUST TO BE SAFE, I locked the door from the inside… and I’m pretty pleased because I can double check the float is correct without worrying about some robber demanding money from the till… until I go to unlock the door to open the store for the day (I had around 8 minutes before the actual open time) and hahahahhaa the door doesn’t open. So ended up calling security who unlocked me from the outside.

He was as puzzled as I was.

Have you ever met someone briefly or saw someone who you were like “Damn they’re gorgeous/beautiful?” and then maybe you were on a train and they were outside and you’re in the carriage and the train moves on – or maybe you started chatting with a stranger but you never get to see them again. Have you ever entertained the thought that this could’ve happened to you as well? Okay it’ll happen to said individual 19827928 times in their lifetime(Don’t quote me on the statistics, I’m just assuming). Imagine if our lives were like the track maps of train stations and everytime we saw someone and thought about them, the lines would cross – our lives would be more interconnected than we think. Today this happened to me and it felt like parts of my brain just shut down where half of it was probably skipping in a field of sunflowers and rainbows and the other part would’ve been like b u f f e r i n g . I’m hopeless haha

For me, I can’t wrap my head around it happening to me – like thank you for appreciating the way I did my makeup today! Thank you for appreciating the aesthetic cohesiveness of my outfit! I love being complimented on something I worked hard on because it’s nice knowing that people see what you’re seeing! It might be perceived that makeup is easy for us to apply because people like us have been applying makeup ever since we could afford it(makeup and cheap does not work together, makeup is not cheap, and cheap makeup is not good- well generally speaking). Honestly, there are days when the wings are more like the pedals on the piano, at a 180º angle rather than a 45º angle. There are days when I almost miss trains or miss trains because I can’t decide on an outfit/ something pops up.

But thank you everyone who has provided feedback, negative or positive on everything creative I’ve done so far!


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