Juggle Struggle: Pt 4

Last night after I completed as much work as I could for uni and then I felt like I was going to pass out in the minute or two… I paused. I realised that I had to drag myself to bed before I blacked out or something and I also had to put in my night contacts for the next day.

Today, I received what seemed to be the quickest followup to an interview I’ve experienced in my interview(literally did my interview less than 24 hours yesterday) and job seeking journey but unfortunately regardless of the ‘prestigious’ position offered, my availability clashed with the orientation day – which was set to occur when was already in HongKong with 5 or so days till I returned back to Sydney. With the same company, I was also offered a ‘customer service’ casual role which seemed, in the way that it was worded to me highly dependant on demand so think of last minute call ups which means I have to be prepared to get to the venue asap and it’s just inconvenient for me since my train ride takes 40 minutes and walking will take about 10 minutes – so close to an hour for me to get there and there’ll be people who can get there before me so I see no point in being ‘on hold’ for the days I’ve written up as being available.

A missed opportunity?

Do I regret not accepting the customer service casual offer?

Do I regret taking up an overseas uni course in the midst of primetime Christmas cash dollars?


Life will still go on so there’s no point in dwelling over something that’s already been done. The best thing I can and will do at this point is to keep going on, keep resting and achieving. 

On another note, I need some rest.

Goodnight all x


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