Surfstitch online purchase review

Hey guys, 

The other day I logged into my email account reserved for mainly online purchases and discovered this email from Paypal! At first I was like OooooOOOoooOOOOh, followed by Is this legit, but what’s the worst that can happen when I proceed to checkout if this code doesn’t work?


Good news! The voucher code worked and I proceeded with my order which was a simple black T-shirt from Swell, a men’s brand and a Jansport backpack. Has anyone noticed that it’s comparably cheaper to purchase men’s loose fit tees instead of women’s loose fit tees?


Delivery took around 2 business days and packaging was kept to a minimum where the backpack wasn’t additionally packaged with plastic packaging like other online shops do.


Overall comments

Delivery was fast and communication via email was strong with updates along the delivery process. Items are of good quality. Will definitely repurchase again.

Special thanks to Paypal for the $50 voucher*! *This voucher is not exclusive and is able to be obtained by chance if you’re a Paypal Ebay shopper I assume. This is not a sponsored post.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Design student | Sydney

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