COLOURPOP ultra metallic lipstick review

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So a few weeks ago, there was a free international shipping order on all Colourpop purchases and I joined the hype – however, I purchased things different to what I bought last time as I was not enthused about their matte lips after trying out another brand of liquid lipsticks. These ultra metallic lipsticks however were equally surprising and equally disappointing.

See my review of the Colourpop highlighter here and the video version of this review here.

Price 6 USD


Shade Zebra

Upon opening the lid, the formula looked really dry and seemed to clump on top of the applicator tip but when applied, it was so smooth and less ‘triggered’ than their matte lipsticks where the formula was very very dry to the point where you had to quickly swipe the colour on for the fear of it drying out too fast.

Compared to the ultra matte lips, this metallic lipstick didn’t cause any irritations on my upper lips as you can see in the images below.

Immediately after application

As liquid lipsticks tend to dry out the lips, I always smother my lips with Pawpaw ointment (and then consequently removing this layer of Pawpaw so my lips are moisturised) before I apply liquid lipstick on to prevent my lips from drying out and flaking. As Colourpop does not advertise these liquid lipsticks to be ‘smudge and water proof’ at the price point they are sold out, I wasn’t surprised that they weren’t smudge and water proof.

Lipstick stain on a straw
6 hours later

Overall comments

Personally, the shade was lovely and the texture wasn’t as drying as their other mattes. However, the smell of the liquid lipsticks was offputting and the formula had poor staying power. General rule of thumb, we get what we pay for. I will not repurchase this metallic lipstick from Colourpop in the future unless these issues are solved.


  • I am in no way professionally affiliated with any brands mentioned at the time of this blogpost.
  • Each individual’s experience with Colourpop lipsticks will vary so this is merely a personal review on my own experience.

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