Juggle struggle : Pt 5

The first year of uni has come to an end, hours before I started writing this, half asleep on two days worth of 2 hour sleeps – I can’t pull allnighters or bring myself to stay awake all night because I start to feel the effects of my body’s definition of sleep deprivation. Like when I say I’d die for things I enjoy doing, I  don’t intend to physically die at this rate over any work related endeavours because that would be foolish as I’d not get to enjoy the results of my hard work.

Speaking of hard work, it’s often misconceived that any successes I have whether it be uni, side projects and/or money is attributed to luck but honestly, I view myself as someone who has pretty weak luck – The other day I was walking the levels with a tray of food and at the last 2 steps, the drink tilts and spills out onto the floor – not only that the drink somehow ended up spilling backwards onto my clothes and I had work in less than 2 hours. Here is where luck comes into play, luckily my shirt was black. I wasn’t even meant to work that day but late notice of a staff member being unable to work popped up and there was noone that could work that shift and even though I was meant to be going home after purchasing materials, I ended up working because I figured I could stay up and get my stuff done.

So the following day, the morning one day before submission, I was trying to export my Rhino(CAD software) files into Illustrator, with no success. I went to Uni as well and tried it on the Imacs to no avail but bless my friend, Tiff for helping me to export my files – my files must’ve been corrupted when my harddrive dislodges from time to time without me disconnecting it properly.

From working in a majority of team based scenarios at uni as well as managing a few times, I’d learnt that managing a team based on design doesn’t guarantee your aesthetic will be the final aesthetic – it’s what the  majority of the team agrees on – it’s arguably painful but it’s one of the long term outcome things where as long as it’s successful due to group dynamics and harmony, that’s all that matters at the end of the day. By no means, does one have to sacrifice their own personal design flair and integrity permanently – it’s only temporary – kind of similar to the face you put on working in a customer service job where you get mistreated by stereotypical asshole customers or the face you put on when facing unpleasant things/people. In a nutshell: don’t be an asshole.

Anyways, I’m off to catch up on accumulated lost hours of sleep. 



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