General Pants online purchase review

Hey guys,

The other day I was wandering online on General Pants Co to look for this cream anorak I saw earlier because I thought it would match a lot of my pastel clothes but alas I went offtrack and found myself here looking at this ‘hooded college anorak khaki’ by Subtitled. Nevertheless, I ended up purchasing it and needed to hit $75 in total to avoid paying for shipping so I picked up some additional things I might wear in the future but honestly though, why are there so many stripey things on sale recently.



Shipping was express and took about 1 business day for it to arrive but classic me was at uni and was unable to collect it till the next day.

*My address was on the other side of the package so I flipped it over – don’t worry if you were thinking that they mailed you the item(s ) with no sort of address or additional information provided.

The items pictured below are all cotton which I was surprised about- General Pants has a lot of cotton clothing which I found pretty cool as most fashion retailers these days sell a lot of polyester based clothing which isn’t bad but cotton and silks just feel so nice.

I’m also waiting to collect a pair of ‘splice’ denim jeans I bought in a friend’s purchase when she purchased earlier that week to redeem the extra 20% off sale deal. Keep an eye out on my Lookbook account to see an OOTD post featuring it in the next few weeks -month.

Straight out of the packaging

No additonal hardcopy order form summary was provided in the bag – which I guess it’s good for the environment because I often don’t know what to do with the order summaries since my orders are correctly picked and delivered.

I’d definitely repurchase again in the future.



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