Gelato Blue vegan icecream review

Located on 318 King St Newtown, NSW 2042 stands a vegan gelato shop with an aesthetic reminiscent of a seafood shop. Their ingredients are all Vegan friendly and are plant based since early 2016. They offer testers like most icecream stores – an interesting feature of when they offer testers is that they use paddlepop sticks and they ask if you’d like to test a second flavour on the other end of the paddlepop stick which I think is more environmentally friendly than applying one tester flavour to a single tester spoon.

The testers tasted quite alright so I decided to get two scoops – one of dutch waffles and the second one of white chocolate, coconut and almonds.

  • 1 scoop $6
  • 2 scoop $8
Top: Dutch Waffles | Bottom: White chocolate, coconut and almond




Overall comments

Even though I can stand a lot of sweetness in desserts, I found that Dutch Waffles was overpoweringly sweet and flavoursome maybe due to the chai powder that was mixed throughout – it was surprisingly more heavier when you have a large portion of it as opposed to just having a taster. Whilst on average, the aftertexture(like after taste but like aftertexture) tasted slightly lighter than normal cream gelato, after spending almost 10 minutes trying to demolish the icecream(I normally take half the amount of time for two scoops), I gave up because there wasn’t much of an appeal to the flavours. I don’t think I will go back and purchase from Gelato Blue again. My favourite stores are still Anitas, Messina and Gelatissimo (a strange mix given that quite a few people I know don’t like Gelatissimo). I still haven’t been to a lot of gelato shops so my comparisons are based off a small exposure of gelato stores. Overall, not much of an impression.


Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated! 



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