Juggle Struggle : Pt 6

So now that uni is over, there’s around 5 months of break because my uni operates on trimesters and my course doesn’t operate in the third trimester so we have two ‘shortened semesters’ – in numerical terms, we attend 2/3 of the trimesters. I’m really excited for these 5 months because I get to produce creative content with the only limits being my daily energy output and editing ability (which will sure improve over time).

Today, I bought a Manfrotto Pixi mini tripod which doubles as a ‘selfie stick’- I haven’t properly tested it out yet. From the place I purchased it from, the sales assistant was confirming my details in order for them to send the receipt to me and he was in the process of confirming my email which was little.miss.anonymous@_____(this is the email I use for most of my online shopping accounts) but before he could even finish, he cracked and so did my friend- I know, I can’t tolerate myself either I totally understand where they were coming from.

A friend and I also shot some videos and images so I am very excited to edit and post them up! We managed to shoot around 100+ images and videos in the timespan of just over an hour which bless the time management gods but that also meant we were depleted of energy soon not that the warm, subtly sweltering weather helped. I also have a few cutcrease tutorials I’m meant to upload once I’ve finished editing them – I never got around to finishing the edits a month ago because uni work just piled up and outfit videos were easier to edit as opposed to tutorials. I’m currently transitioning from Imovie to Adobe Premiere and I’m currently struggling – on average when I edited on Imovie, outfit videos would take around 1-2 hours to edit whereas review videos would take slightly longer and these figures were for simple, clean and often basic overall aesthetics.



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