INCA elastic cap keeper review

Hey guys,

The other day I decided to purchase one of these lens cap keeper apparatus/thing because my camera lens lid detaches easily and I didn’t want to constantly keep purchasing lids/ risk having the lenses of my camera scratch from it being accidentally dislodged.

Direct Camera Warehouse(the one I went to is located on Kent Street, Town Hall, NSW) sells these for $9 AUD each – Ebay I think sells 3 for $5 for a nonbranded pack but honestly I was strapped for time since everything I buy related to the camera has to be centralled around the upcoming HongKong uni trip which is in just over a week like eek! what a shame online deliveries won’t arrive so everything has to be purchased domestically.


There’s instructions on the back on how to peel it- on the day I purchased it (yesterday, 07/11/16) it was quite warm atmosphere wise – averaging around 30°C which made it extremely difficult for me to peel off the red sticker that sealed the adhesive. Bless Carmen for helping me to remove the red sticker in the end !!


Overall comments

The adhesive part is pretty strong as well as the cord attached to the disc. However the elastic loop that is attached to the cord feels like it’ll loose its elasticity after a few stretches. Overall, if I was pressed for time, I’d purchase this again but I think that this device is fairly easy to make yourself.



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