Juggle Struggle : Pt 7

So I collected my jeans (that I ordered with a friend when General Pants had a 20% off sale) from my friend yesterday and I finally understood what she meant about them looking small. The waist looked very very small – like borderline size 5. Normally with highwaisted stretch jeans I can fit a size 6 highwaist but these jeans seemed STIFF AF(I ordered a size 6 highwaist, I am normally a size 6 highwaist in stretch denim and size 8 highwaist in non stretch denim) despite being advertised as stretch jeans – maybe there was just a lot of starch added to the original fabrics. The funny thing is, I read the fibre composition of everything I buy so I know which jeans will stretch with time but with these jeans they seem like they may take up to a year with regular stretching. Maybe, this size is a true size 6 highwaist as it’s by a higher marked brand, NEUW – which reminds me, there’s a comparably overwhelming amount of tags attached to the jeans – not like plastic cut off tags but a lot of fabric tags. The sewing and detail is amazing though.

So I’ve been stretching the jeans for the past day and what not and damping it up and stretch, dry but the thing is the weather was so dry and hot today, I think the jeans probably reverted to their original size – back to square 1.

Lately I haven’t been dreaming (not that I’ve been dreaming much this year anyways) – I’ve heard that it’s partly attributed to stress and fatigue. There are some brief moments in a day where I’m like “I need to sleep and switch off and not think” because even at this rate, I’m producing more content than the rate of which I can edit this content in which annoys me because I have so much to share but health comes first as there’s no point in literally dying for things not yet achieved. Speaking of which, contrary to popular belief, I still don’t know what I want to do exactly – like I’m not sure how to label myself.

“Hi, I’m Emily and I’m a/an- – -” 

I’ve always described myself as an aspiring designer but outside of the course I study at uni, could I be considered as a blogger? Is one a blogger when they have a significant following? Or is it determined by the quality of the content that they post? I have so many little ideas that can’t be con-tamed(haha 2000s Miley pun) but they’re all so little and so scattered, I don’t know what to do with them – I don’t want to let them go because they’re my ideas but one only has one shot at life, 50-60 or so functioning years and all other hijinks that’ll stop you. Once I wanted to be a writer, a poet, a pastry chef, a comic book artist, a fashion designer and the list keeps on growing – maybe I am an everything enthusiast – who knows what I’ll want to be next?


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