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Located at Newtown Railway station, 324A King St, Newtown NSW 2042 sits Cuckoo Callay. Featuring mostly ‘open air’ outside dining (more like exposed to the constant flow of people moving from Newtown Station as it’s the first cafe you see when walking from the station) there are also a few seating tables situated inside of the cafe. 

For drinks(non alcoholic), I ordered a one night stand($8) (yes, it’s the name of the drink. I don’t know how they come up with half the names on their menu but they’re memorably different.) It tastes as layered as it looks – personally my experience went something along the lines of tasting freshly squeezed orange juice to a burst of raspberry flavour to the crunch of passionfruit seeds.

One night stand pictured above


For the brunch dish, I chose Gorgeous George($19) which consists of

Smashed avocado and roasted truss tomatoes on sourdough served with goats curd, house-made basil pesto, dukkah and a 63° poached egg

though I opted out of the poached egg as the I don’t eat runny egg so there’s no egg pictured in mine unfortunately.

You’re probably thinking ANOTHER AVOCADO dish but surprisingly the dressing and toppings on the toast, avocado and dish in general were flavoursome but not overpowering though I wonder with this much flavour, I wonder if this dish is as ‘healthy’ as brunch dishes look.

Overall comments

I haven’t been to any other brunch place in Newtown except for Brewtown Newtown which I found pretty average when I went back there a few weeks ago so I wouldn’t be able to give an accurate price comparison. Compared to most of Glebe Pt Rd’s cafes, Cuckoo Callay as well as Brewtown Newtown cost a few dollars more on average. I’d definitely go again especially to try out all their different drink flavours. Though I think my all time favourite cafe drink would be the coconut mix drinks from The Usual Cafe at Cabramatta.


Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated



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