Juggle Struggle : Pt 8

As departure day and time for Hong Kong draws near, I sit here dazed in a perpetual stressed out state because

  • I haven’t packed my suitcase
  • I haven’t revised over where and how to navigate through Hong Kong.
  • I haven’t read the booklet they sent us for our course.
  • I haven’t edited my streetwear video – I’m trying out a different filming and editing style and have incorporated 4 outfits and oh, how I will love adding the clothing detail and branding text all synced to the music! The joys (of viewing the completed project will keep me going)
  • I haven’t scheduled or prewritten any blogpost drafts – As I’m typing this, I have just finished a review on this really nice cafe in Newtown I went to the other day. View the blogpost here.

I’ve been taking on a few extra creative tasks for friends but I think I’ll need to slow down as I’m lagging behind in personal tasks and this is where I need to fix my priorities as these tasks are for their benefit and are unpaid so they should be prioritised after my personal work and pre arranged commitments but I have a fault of accepting more and more tasks? like why do I do this to myself??? (I’m not salty about being not paid, I’m just disappointed in myself for taking on way more than what I could handle to the point of jeopardising my own prior arrangements-I sometimes tread on that thin line between ambitious and absolutely and helplessly foolish.) Also, I’m not the biggest fan of small talk these days because I know I won’t be able to reply constantly so people pls do not pop up for small talk I am dying in my mountain of work – I have no energy to ignore u!!!!

Hopefully I’ll be able to complete most of my tasks before this week’s departure for the Hong Kong uni course.

I should probably sleep now  – early shift for tomorrow and its 11.29pm EST as I write and I’ve got to get up in about 5 hours – I always set two alarms, one after the other in the scenario of one failing or I decide to ‘nap for 5 minutes’…

Anyways till next time, 

Still struggling with time management but I am getting there aka Emily (me)


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