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Wedged inconspicuously in a street of similar storefronts, sitting at 1U Lam Terrace, Sheung Wan, Lof10 appears to fade in with the surrounding terraces but the quality and variety of the food is of no correlation to the monotonous marbled and mostly greyed exterior.

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Interior feature
Cakes at the counter
Interior feature 
Interior feature
Menu front
Menu inner

I got the Japanese cold noodle with the Japanese sauce and it comes with a complimentary drink with a value of <$68HKD. I chose the lime and cucumber spritzer because I’ve never tried something called a lime and cucumber spritzer (also I don’t drink coffee because my bodoy won’t tolerate it)– the closest thing I’ve had would’ve been the Vodka O Pineapple, cucumber and mint premixed drink which is a low alcohol content drink designed for the taste rather than the effect. Anyways, the lime and cucumber sprizter is just lime and cucumber slices submerged in iced mineral water – bitter with a hint of freshness.

I’m missing Korean cold noodles so I decided to get the Japanese cold noodle dish and surprisingly the sauce for it isn’t heavy or overpowering though they do provide a generous amount of sauce but it’s in a little, well medium sauce dish so you get to control how much you put in it. It was ironic that this dish tasted sweeter than the drink but it was an interesting balance. The sliced cucumbers tasted like cucumbers, the fake crab meat tasted like fake crab meat and the seaweed tasted like seaweed and the noodles tasted like what they looked like-Dense but not too heavy.

Left: Lime and cucumber spritzer  Bottom: Japanese cold noodle 118 HKD Right: Japanese sesame sauce

What’s interesting is that every serviette pile is in this perfectly arranged geometric spiral formation.


Overall comments

I think there’s two Lof10 and apparently this is the original Lof10 but just to warn you if you’re walking to Lof10 from Central station, it’s going to be a long trek up several flights of steep stairs – there might be a closer and more convenient way of getting there. With regards to the interior, I don’t know what’s happening, it’s kind of homey kind of industrial kind of everything – maybe that was their concept – it didn’t bother me too much when I was there. In terms of pricing, prices are similar to brunch/lunch prices in Sydney city and the portions aren’t stingy nor excessive – I guess you can say you get what you pay for here. If I lived in Hong Kong permanently, I personally would not come back here till I’ve tried out other places closer. In a nutshell, it’s nothing extraordinary but it’s not bad – the dish lived up to the description – it did it’s job and nothing too much beyond.



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