TOOFACED Merry Kissmas liquid lipstick set review

The lipsticks come in original, chocolate and matte formulas (as stated on the back of the pack) and it also claims that the melted lipstick range comfortably coats lips in bursts of intense colour that lasts for hours. The shades included are chocolate honey, chihuahua, fig and lady balls(matte). The Merry Kissmas set retails for $36 AUD at Mecca – I purchased this at the Sydney QVB Mecca store upon seeing it was in stock on the website – some stores may not stock it – call up or check the website before visiting your nearest store.

Outside of the box
Inside the box + Back of box
Chihuahua after immediate application
Applicator detail
Fig after immediate application
Chocolate honey after immediate application

With these melted lipstick sabove, they take a while to ‘set’ and when they set, an even coat of colour is seen and the texture is light to the touch and not too dehydrating to the lips- however, there’s poor lasting power to these lipsticks – I’d rate it a 7/10 in terms of lasting strength.

Applicator detail
Lady Balls after immediate application

With this melted matte lipstick, I was scanning the ingredients briefly and noticed that it contained talc in it which most likely contributes to the matte finish on the lipstick – a rather literal and straight forward but long term ineffective approach to achieveing a matte finish in a liquid lipstick as the staying power on this lipstick is also poor, when I rubbed a finger gently with perhaps 50% pressure across one lip, the lipstick transferred in a chalky manner (probably again from the talc). Normally, talc (an ocassional controversial ingredient) is used in powdered products and even Colourpop at a lower price point doesn’t use talc so I’m just confused – why talc in this?

Overall comments

The Merry Kissmas Set is a good tester set for anyone interested in trying out a few subtly neutral shades from the TOOFACED Melted range or just want to try them out for the sake of it – there’s no need for a right or justified reason in purchasing this 🙂 I would not repurchase this set nor their full size range due to the poor staying power but the shades tested above excluding the red are subtly neutral colours that don’t make you look sick or dehydrated.



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