Paisano’s pizzeria review

Located on 12 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Paisano’s pizza offers large, almost face-sized pizza slices, with prices being around 35-45 HKD – roughly 7-9 AUD if 1AUD=5HKD.

An assortment of pizzas on display – around 9 flavours with some only having 1 more slice left!


We each got a slice as we were heading off to Yumcha straight after – we were craving some form of Western food and Central(hub of brunch foods) was too far from the TST yumcha place so we went to this pizza place instead. You order at the counter as opposed to over the glass casing as we had initially thought and you specify whether you are taking away or eating here – the wait for eating here was around 15 minutes.







Our slices!

Overall comments

The dough is both ‘wholesome’ and generous without it being too dry or too overwhelming as the base is just crispy, not brick hard crispy but just crispy. The toppings were what they were meant to taste like for the most part – according to my friend, the olives were tasteless(I don’t like olives so I don’t eat them). I’d definitely revisit if I lived near here but wildwishing, it’d be great if they could open a store in Sydney or something. They also do delivery but it takes about 40 minutes and I’d imagine that it wouldn’t be the same as eating it instore.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!




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