MAJOLICA MAJORCA pink eyeliner review

Hey guys,

one of the items I purchased overseas from Hong Kong’s Sasa stores was a MAJOLICA MAJORCA metallic pink eyeliner – not all Sasa stores had them.

Watch the video version of this review here.


They retail for $98 HKD which is around $19 AUD each and there’s also a metallic blue and purple in this range – apparently this pink is a limited edition shade? There’s also a vibrant orange shade of this eyeliner which I think is less versatile than the metallic pink as the metallic pink from far away can pass off as a rich brown eyeliner or even eyeshadow.

When I first began the intial stages of ‘loading up’ the clean eyeliner brushes with eyeliner formula, I clicked too many times hence there’s spillage. When I researched more, in the product description online at SASA , it specifies that

  1. 1 Click achieves a natural line
  2. 2 Click achieves a clear line
  3. 3 Click achieves a deep line
Image has been brightened and yellow toned to even out photo – it’s pink not orange in real life.
Pink eyeliner worn on me

Overall comments: 

Whilst it takes a while to boost up the formula in the eyeliner pen, the formula is at its strongest longwearing strength and opacity when it is thick. I would definitely repurchase again.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!




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