Cathy Cat Lipquid lipsticks review

So I’ve been shopping at Sasa recently, picking up different items every time but I was recommended this liquid lipstick by a saleslady – not sure if it was going to be actually good or if she was just trying to sell me products – just doing her job but I was already sold on the colour from the beginning – it was the most less pink pink I’ve seen in that store. It says on the packaging that it has high colour, high gloss and is long lasting and I’d already asked the saleslady if it was going to be a matte finish and she said no, so we won’t be testing out whether it has a matte finish or not.

Watch the video review version of this here.


I purchased this for $178 HKD which is roughly equivalent to $35 AUD – not far from the price of MAC lipsticks and the shade I got was 302, a wholesome but neutralpink.

Side of the box
Unique applicator tip
Lipstick transfer onto teacup
Swatch of the lipstick in natural moring light- this photo is actually meant to be for another review.

Overall comments

It’s rather unfortunate that such a great and versatile shade is compromised by the poor lasting strength. However, the applicator tip outshines all liquid lipstick doefeet tips I’ve encountered so far – I think this would be the most efficient way of applying liquid lipstick with. I’d not repurchase due to the poor lasting power that comes with the hassle of reapplication.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!




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