Juggle Struggle : Pt 9

Hey guys,

No time no blog about the happenings with my life! So what has happened since last Juggle Struggle blogpost?

I’ve been back for over a week after my overseas trip in Hong Kong for a 2 week university course/ elective and I recorded some footage which are to be edited into videos and then posted soon – what I’m thinking of is an aesthetic recap of the city with no narration, just music and vibes as it was my first time encountering Hong Kong, another one with snippets of vlogs throughout the trip and another one that compiles all the places I shopped from – boy were there so many to choose from and the only regret I have is that I wish I explored every shop possible every night from the second night I was in Hong Kong but there’s always the future!!!

Straight after arriving back from Hong Kong at around 7am EST,  I got straight into editing for a few hours when I got home, caught up with messages and what not, floating in and out of editing and then crashed – physically knocked out at my desk somewhere around 11pm and then woke up less than an hour later and got prepared for bedtime.

Next few days were intensive days of editing with work woven throughout – the edited videos were getting posted at a productive rate thanks to me pre editing on the trip and uploading some videos beforehand.

At one point, pressure from family issues and the rate of my editing got to me and my stress just grew at an uncontrollable rate. What immense stress does to me is that it allows me to make impulsive decisions which I’ve noticed belatedly and just recently. I can’t think straight, I panic but then I reach the same conclusion I would’ve reached if I was calm about it from the start.

However, I’m starting to pace out my editing but not allowing myself to get too comfortable either as there’s too much footage not just from Hong Kong but also from a recent shoot – really excited to start on the video editing once the Hong Kong videos are uploaded. I don’t dislike editing, it’s fun but it can be physically and emotionally draining to the point you are just a shell and you need to recharge your energy and focus.

Here’s a candid sneakpeak of an outfit from the most recent shoot!

Struggling to climb over this railing(1m high? I don’t remember) to sit against the wall because I was wearing non stretch linen pants and was trying not to rip them + also had heeled boots on which made my legs slightly heavier to swing over 🙂 Photography: Johnny Li | Insta @layjunyin



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