Reuben Hills cafe review

Located at 61 Albion St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, lies an industrial but chic cafe, described on Google as selling South American food.

Menu detail

The day was fairly warm so i ordered a cold drink to cool me down for the moment and since I noticed there was a coconut water option, I got that. I couldn’t taste any hint of pineapple in the drink at all which was weird.

Coconut water with pineapple

This was by far the strangest presentation of avocado on toast I’ve encountered – it literally looked  like someone took a slice of leftover bread, added a dollop of smashed avo, snapped half a stalk of coriander and pinched a fingerful of salt – almost like the components of this dish were thrown carelessly onto the plate. It tasted like what it was meant to taste like – I don’t eat coriander so didn’t touch that, there was no onions for some reason and I’ve had bad experienced with warmed up lemons and limes so I just ate the avo on toast – the avo tasted like what it was meant to and the bread tasted like.

‘Avocado on rye with onion, coriander, lime and cumin salt’
Ceiling detail 
Overhead detail

Overall comments

I personally would not revisit due to the small portions offered for the brunch item I purchased as well as the missing ingredients in the dishes – first world problem I know but when other cafes at similar price ranges can stick to what their menu says, then Reuben Hills lacks in comparison in terms of ingredient consistency. However  customer service was tops, just like other cafes of this type.

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