Manfrotto PIXI Mini tripod review

I’ve been looking at table tripods for a while and I ended up stumbling across these Manfrotto PIXI mini ones which also double as a camera stick aka ‘selfie stick’– I purchased this from Digital Camera Warehouse on Kent Street, Town Hall, NSW for $36 AUD.


There’s different colours ranging from white, black and red, all black and pink and grey – I chose the pink and grey because recently I’ve been nonstop purchasing pastel pink things. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know what I mean, it’s currently a very pastel themed feed | Instagram: emyu___ (3 underscores because the username emyu was taken)


Register online to receive your warranty extension! When I registered, it was 3 years extra – I’m not sure if I’m meant to register to receive the extension after the 5 years is up or what but I’ll probs end up replacing this tripod as the time passes or it breaks – who knows?


There’s a soft padded and textured cushioning at the top of the tripod plate. It’s a very firm cushion. This same padding is on the ends of the little flipper paddle tripod feet as well.

Overall comments

The construction of this tripod feels sturdy and high quality and the pricepoint reflects this. There is a limit to how high this tripod can reach as you can see there’s no extendable and retractable joints – instead you have to rely on compressing or releasing the proximity between the three legs.

The textured pads and slanted bases on the feet prevent the tripod from slipping however it is not recommended placing this tripod with an attached camera on a slanted surface in the scenario the camera’s weight causes the whole thing to topple over and fall.

The only negative I found with this tripod would be the inflexible joints compared to some of the other flexible tripods that can wrap around fixtures but I purchased this tripod knowing beforehand that this would not wrap around poles and whatnot as the packaging demonstrated clearly that there were no joints so if you’re looking for a tripod that has joints and can flex around things, this is not the tripod for you.



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