Where are YU now 2016

As the year winds and slows down, I’ve realised a lot of things – one of them being not properly introducing the blog.

For those who have followed my journey from the beginning of my blogging days know that I started to seriously blog during late November last year, starting on Google Blogspot but then I decided to switch over to WordPress when I realised how restrictive the templates were(I don’t know how to/ can’t find the time to learn how to code). Recently, I bought a domain so it looks more professional but I’ll still need to manage my time wisely and post regularly.

There’s never been a ‘glamorous awakening’ moment when I decided to blog or create and curate ‘creative content’. It just happened one day when I realised that if you continually wait for ‘the day’, that day might not even arrive. I’ve always expressed myself through creative means – the earliest online presence I had would have been from writing woeful poems on Writer’s Network… I wrote mostly poems and some short descriptive pieces but then I eventually strayed away from posting on there as I began investing time into more visual forms of creative content.

For me, right now in this moment, blogging serves more than just a means of communicating creative content –

it is an opportunity…

from informing and influencing others to connecting with alike and different individuals from all walks of life.

A lot of times, I have been asked whether I get paid for what I do and the answer is no though it’d be nice to be paid but I just haven’t been working smart enough and trying to create and edit content whilst doing a design course was difficult. If money was my sole motivation for blogging, Youtubing and the likes, I wouldn’t have pushed through a year with 5 or less hours of daily sleep just to edit and curate though bless that it’s the holidays now and I’m able to edit and post a lot of content at a more regular rate as to when I was still doing uni work – though I’ll be back at uni next year around March.

Two days ago, I finally wrapped up my first logo purchase created by the lovely Carmen Zeng – the whole process took around half a year for a final product to develop – the logo is in the featured image of this blogpost.

As I was still developing my ‘brand’ image, I wanted something that was not too definite but classic enough to be versatile across a variety of backgrounds as my personal style in my Youtube outfit of the days vary, most of them lingering around chic sometimes casual streetwear.

Though we were friends, this was a professional exchange as we didn’t want slow down the process of defining and refining the logo so the conversing was done through neutral-as-possible emails and face to face conversations as well as lots of documents(don’t worry it wasn’t legal binding documents – I don’t have much to lose yet haha)- this also reduced the risk of future confusion and obscurity. What I really appreciated about the final product was the intensive care placed in the supporting documents that aided me in utilising and customising the design to my wants and needs – the supporting documents weren’t just a lazily formatted Word document either – instead they were beautifully presented in carefully chosen texts and neatly placed screenshots of methodical steps(#designstudentappreciate)

Check it out: by_carmenz

Also, I made a new Youtube channel as my old Youtube channel’s custom url was preventing my channel from being searched – it’s still active but I’ve set up a new one just in case. Please check it out if you have time and if you have any comments to leave, pop them in the comment box or shoot me a message!


Thanks for being a part of this journey


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