Bathe to Basics review

So on my first day off in Hongkong (Sunday 21/11/16) I went to PMQ upon recommendation that this place featured independent designers. Interestingly, most stores have a ‘no photos or video in store’ – which is understandable as the value and integrity of design is an important feature of producing design whether for personal or commercial purposes. I didn’t ask to film the first time because I assumed that this policy would extend to all the stores but the second time I went, I asked for permission to film and they were like ya sure.

Check out the video version of my purchasing experience here

(skip to 4.19 to see the Bathe to Basics part)

Basic lipbalm with Jasmine wax | $48 HKD

When I first came across this lipbalm, I named it the ‘yumcha lipbalm’ in my Snapstory because it reminded me of Jasmine tea at Yumcha (I don’t normally drink other teas apart from Jasmine tea at Yumcha so this was a vivid reminder of that). What some lipbalms tend to do is provide a layer of wax or oil but then consequently strip away the moisture from the lips, leaving it drier than before. However, this lipbalm proved to be the opposite, providing a light and buoyant layer of moisture to the lips.

Facial wash, travel size: $32 HKD | Full size: $138 HKD

With the facial wash, they come in both a travel and full size for sale. The travel size lasts for roughly 2 weeks and the full size should last 3 months – the shelf life of the product and most of the products. I’ve been using the face wash twice daily for about a month now and my skin overall is looking clear and I haven’t had as many breakouts as I used to beforehand.

Basic hand balm | $158 HKD


The most expensive out of the items($158HKD roughly equalling to $30AUD) I’ve purchased but the most ineffective, this hand cream was heavy and did not seem to sink into the skin – instead it felt like it sat on top of the skin and there was a clammy afterfeel after application.  The only positive I could draw out from this hand cream was that the box packaging it came in was recycled and also the smell of the hand cream was light and natural, not artificial and overpowering.

Overall comments

Whilst the hand cream proves to be a straight up miss, the face wash and the lip balm proved to be a hit – I’d definitely repurchase the lip balms and face wash if provided with the opportunity to do so. There is a downside to this brand offering a limited range of items online to be shipped overseas – the lip balm cannot be purchased online which means once I finish up them, I’ll have to look for alternative products till I go back to Hong Kong/ they start expanding their online stock.

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