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Hey guys,

So about a month ago I was in Hong Kong for a uni elective and in my free time, I did a ‘little’ bit of shopping (naturally). What I was interested in were brands that would not be commonly and easily accessed from Australia, so goodbye TopShop and such – instead, I checked out mainly independent brands with the exceptions of Stylenanda and Sasa – Sasa which has multiple stores per suburb.

Click the links below to check out the video version of my shopping experiences – not all experiences were filmed.

Part 1 – Stylenanda and Sasa

Part 2 – Placebo and Bathe to Basics [Full Bathe to Basics product review here]

Part 3 – Boldtheshop and D2

Some of the items I purchased

I’ve also included the prices I purchased the items for underneath the images so you can gauge a better understanding of the correlation amongst the style, quality and design of the item and the brand of the item.

Photography: Carmen Zeng
  • Lowry’s farm – Metallic clutch with matter faux leather finish [199 HKD]
  • Stylenanda – Metallic skirt with faux soft leather finish [499 HKD]
Photography: Johnny Li
  • Unknown brand – Black socks with stripe detail [3 pairs for 50 HKD]
  • Placebo – Pastel pink sneakers with leather upper [490 HKD on sale]
Photography: Johnny Li
  • Dynasti – Champagne luxe choker (first) [259 HKD]
  • Dynasti – Metal logo chain choker (second) [259 HKD]
  • Dynasti – Cropped top with gold strap detail [490 HKD on sale]
Photography: Sarina Heng
  • Placebo – Leather backpack with stud detail [1180 HKD]

Overall comments

I’d definitely go back to Hong Kong to shop from the above mentioned stores because the reality of self paid shipping always daunts me. Also, being able to touch the items, I am able to gain peace of mind that the item is in good quality when it is being purchased.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated! 




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