Fallen dreams (makeup look)

Hey guys,

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d have seen this series of images posted yesterday – I was inspired to create this look upon reflecting back on 2016 and the overall concept of New Years.

Something that I’ve done over the previous years is whinge about all my unachieved goals of that current year – some of you can relate to this. I eventually started questioning the overhyped significance of New Year’s Day as well as the overall concept of a new year – why do we allow ourselves the excuse(or so it seems) of ‘starting anew’ on New Year’s day/ or in the New Year when we can ‘start again’ in the next minute, next hour, next day.

Hence the intentions behind this series lay behind the placement of the stars which represent the ‘fallen dreams’ and missed chances (tears) however they also hint at a transformation of these seemingly unfortunate scenarios into possible opportunities – but there’s many other ways you can read this – after all, like individuals, all our successes and perspectives are different.

First conceptual image
Second conceptual image
Final image

On a side note, I’ve missed creating makeup looks and since there’s still 2+ months before uni starts again I think I’ll be creating a few more and maybe tutorials while I’m at it!

Tis the month to finish editing ~

Thanks for reading – any advice / feedback is appreciated!



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